Pop Culture Pub & Podcast: Our ‘Mandela Effect’ Episode


The crew has been assembled and they are discussing the ‘Mandela Effect’: Is it Berenstain or Berenstein Bears? King Conan? Jif or Jiffy Peanut Butter? We discuss some things that may have changed and our theories as to why this is happening.


And in our ‘Enders Segment’ we are discussing:

– The Black Widow trailer

– the new 007 trailer

– Best new show of 2019? 

Also we would like to hear from you: you can contact Chris (who is the Producer of this podcast) by e-mail at chrisloc1701@yahoo.ca
or contact Chris on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @chrisloc1701
Check out Chris’s blog at: www.randomnerdness.com
Check out Jason’s blog at: www.nerdylifeofmine.com
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You can also contact Kevin on facebook.com/maskedlibrary and Twitter.com/maskedlibrary
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Keep calm and the podcast on!

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