Comics & Childhood Memories Part 2

img_20200609_142130_0236065484735540063323.jpgSo last month I talked about Image Comics and some memories that I had. That can be found here (LINK). Because of that, it caused me to start collecting again and the other day I found a number of comics in this antique mall here in town. I wasn’t going to write about it. But I did make a 4 part post on Twitter about it and for some reason I got on a small soap box.

9c2xhp7192317263766269698.jpgI really didn’t think much of it. Then it hit on much these comic help me change and over come learning issues I had a child. I normally don’t talk about these on here, mostly because it’s never really come up before hahaha. But now reading through these comics, it is clear I had forgotten on how great they were. I think I wrote about this before…

(*Looks over post*)

Yes, yes I did.. But that’s okay… Me and my Dad would have our weekly trip to the comic store and pick up whatever we can get. I remember trying to copy a lot of the art styles screenshot_20200608-201036_twitter2229549943737104980.jpgthat were there by Liefeld, McFarland, Lee. To me the early 90’s were a golden time for comics and art over all. I loved the stories and reading over and over again. Helped me with my Dyslexia (also reading Michael Crichton).

After going through all these comics I just got, I want to go back and dig around some more. I know there is a local comic shop I want to hit as well. Another cool thing was, when I posted these tweets. I got a retweet from Rob Liefeld. It may seem like “small beans” to most, but to me it was a cool little nod/”I saw that”.

20200609_1521398024194944910522224.jpgOn top of that my girlfriend was helping me dig through some of the comics and she found two comics of Buckaroo Banzai! It was a limited two part comic series released by Marvel. Buckaroo Banzai being one of my favorite movies I had to get them. I’m sure I’ll write again soon about some of the finds I have. Also me and my fellow co-hosts on our podcast were talking about doing another Image Comic eps. Seeings how I missed that one.. Ugh.. So I’ll post more updates about that as they come in.

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