Asterix Omnibus #2 Advanced Review.


A review copy of the second story in this Omnibus, Asterix and the Banquet, was provided for review by NetGalley.

by René Goscinny (Author), Albert Uderzo (Illustrator). Published by Papercutz

For those that aren’t aware, Asterix is no where near as popular in America as he is in Europe. In fact, I’m in my forties and this is the first Asterix story I’ve ever read. As a life long comic book geek I’m aware of him but I would be willing to bet 95% of the country has never heard of him. Which is a shame. This was an eye opener to some of the best comic work I’ve ever read. While American readers have become familiar with British writers and 2000 AD the rest of the continent hasn’t grabbed hold across the pond. There is also an American issue of “comics are for kids”. On the one hand many…

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