Posts of Blood: Hulu’s Books of Blood Film

Like I stated before, I’m starting a series of theme posts for October, leading to Halloween. But with the new Hulu film Books of Blood coming out on Oct. 7th. I figured I would kick things off or have it serve are a preview of what is to come in October. Now there have been a number of movies already made based on the short stories, like: Rawhead Rex, The Midnight Meat Train, On Jerusalem Street, The Book of Blood, and Candyman. The story of The Yattering and Jack was make into a feature by Barker for the Tales of the Darkside in the early ’80s. Even Lord of Illusion was based off of The Last Illusion short story, that was also directed by Barker.

So what can be left for Hulu to use? When from what I read, they are use one original story from the Books of Blood and then created two new ones for this film. Now they also said that they worked with Barker on the other new stories for the film. I am rather looking forward for this to come out. Sadly when I first heard about Books of Blood, it was going to be a TV series and not a film. But now Hulu seems to fit everything into one movie… That worries me a little is that might mess up the story lines. Making into a cheap copy of Tales from the Crypt. But!! I am still looking forward to it and I’m sure you’ll hear all about it once it comes out hahaha. Here is the trailer for it below:

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  1. Did you get a chance to watch it yet. As you know I have been reading the book. I also watched the film and thought it was quite good how they tied the stories back to “The Book of Blood”, which is the first short story in the book. However, there was some quite raunchy sex stuff in the book, that they left out of the film. =D

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