HMM Day 8 – Dead Alive

I don’t need large scale explorations of a character. I want the hilarity and the absurd. These are the things that make Dead Alive so appealing. We laugh at the priest that “kicks ass for the Lord!” and we’re thrilled at Uncle Les trying to piss with a kidney stone! The slapstick moments of a guy pushing a stroller with a killer baby in it is awesome!

HMM Day 8 – Dead Alive

I have to piggyback off this post for a moment. When I first saw this movie I was in my Junior year of his school with a small group of friends. One of us was 18 years old at the time and was able to get things us young classmates could not. So we rented a lot of movies we weren’t able to, as you do. DEAD ALIVE was one of those movies and one of the first things we watched.

The moment the movie started. All of us were sitting there going, “what the f**k!?” over and over again hahaha. From the weird zombie rat to the messed up zombie make out session. There was a moment of cheer and “oh my God” when the the main character strapped on the lawnmower to take out the zombies.. Well… Could you call them zombies? They had a lot of personality for a zombie haha. To this day, one my favorite lines is, “I kick ass for the lord!”

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