Posts of Blood: Annabelle

The current holding area for Annabelle is still in the Warrens’ Occult Museum in Moonroe Connecticut. The Doll has always been famous do to the history and lore around it. It wasn’t till the 2016 Conjuring 2 movie came about, is where the dolls stardom really took off. From there was 3 movies made about Annabelle, mix that in with social media and boom..

The Real Annabelle

The story goes, in the 1970’s a student nurse was given this doll. Stating that the doll was acting/behaving strangely and she had a medium inform her that there was a spirit within’ the doll. The spirit was of a little girl named Annabelle. While trying to deal with this fact/information. It was said that the doll exhibited malicious behavior.

It was at this point the Warrens were brought into this and from there they moved the doll into the museum. After pronoucing it demonically possessed…. Now if you believe the stories or not, that is up to you. I’d have to admit that the whole things is weird and the history with the Warrens is an fantastic adventure.

There was a story that started in 2017 and even goes into this year (2020). This story deal with the Ghost Adventures group and Zak Bagans, as well as Warrens’ son-in-law Tony Spera. There was a agreement with Lorraine Warren and Zak Bagans to bring Annabelle out of the glass case and bring it to Zak’s museum. Tony had to bring the doll to Zak and he made it well known that he did not want Zak to have it at all. But Lorraine and Zak had made a contract, plus she was in control of their museum at the time. There were rules in place and they needed to be followed. One of which was not touch the doll…

SO… Zak touched the foot of Annabell and this caused Tony to become vary upset and reprimanded Bagans. Packed up Annabelle and left the show. Bagans said he felt this weird connection with Annabelle, as if it was calling out to him. There was already some bad blood there to start with, between Zak and Tony. After deling with the fallout and some bad press, Bagans tried to move on. But it seems that was not the case at all.

Now in 2020, over the The Ghost Adventures: The Screaming Room Show, they go over this episode and some of the things Tony had said and done. Zak even took to Facebook and posted:

TONY SPERA- Annabelle’s owner
I’m fed up with the nasty things this man is saying about myself, my entire crew and our show.
Just FYI, I don’t get into social media conflicts often but I am NOT a fan of Tony Spera (“Annabelle’s” Current Owner). He said VERY nasty things about me and my crew after our original episode for no reason and continues to do so after last night’s Screaming Room. If his claims of Annabelle, being purely evil/demonic and had the power to cause a guy’s fatal motorcycle accident just for talking to her from OUTSIDE her protected case then why would he even take her OUT of her protective sealed case that Ed & Lorraine Warren put a sign on that reads “ WARNING POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN “ then cram her into a small plastic briefcase and use oven mits to carry her around my museum putting her in a high chair and let us investigate her? Oh wait, for a LARGE amount of money he was quick to collect after he stormed off set.
Tony questions and slams our knowledge of the paranormal, but he thinks this doll’s demon will behave because he’s wearing oven mits to hold her and we are safe if we only dont touch her….but can be inches from her/ investigating her?
I was clearly being affected by something during our investigation with Annabelle and we documented incredible evidence with Tony watching LIVE, but Tony never cared about any of that or understood that I was being affected. Before Tony took Annabelle out of his briefcase, I wasnt feeling well so I asked Tony if this could be caused by Annabelle. He told me I was being affected by Annabelle “Thats a Warning. Annabelle doesnt want us to show her” “thats a fore-runner”. Then when I did subconsciously touch her foot. I explained to Tony I didnt recall doing that, which I didnt, I even apologized. Remeber he told me Annabelle was affecting me, so why wouldnt he understand that and offer me concern or help in that situation. And as the keeper of that doll he shouldnt have attacked me but been more sypathetic to the situation and offered to help cleanse me with his holy water. Now remember Tony told me I was being affected by the “Fore-runner” (Annabelle’s Power) before the investigation even started. But he did nothing, didnt use his holy water to help…..nothing. Is all his hate, negative posts, really fueled by me subconsciously touching his dolls foot? Did I damage the doll? No. Does Tony care about my well-being? Hell no. This was just something he could use to get his money and get back home. Which he did in a hurry. Just asked for his check and heres the best part- he TOOK OFF his rosary and left it in my museum. Why would he do that? If Annabelle just had this power to affect me before even taking her out of the briefcase wouldnt Tony wanna stay protected as well to this demon-possessed doll that he was using oven mits to carry? Maybe he has a deal with the devil I dont know about. Tony wrote “I brought the doll to his museum in good faith”. Really Tony? We didnt pay you thousands for this as you demanded? Laughable. Sounds like a quick money-grab. Get in and get out. You didnt like us before you even arrived. That was obvious how your attotude was off and on-camera.
Tony said the young man who died on the motorcycle “challenged Annabelle to do its worst” here’s what Tony quoted the man said as the worst- “if that doll can do anything DO IT TO ME RIGHT NOW”. Hey Tony as you AGREED to let us do this investigation not in “good faith” as you wrongly stated. But for thousands. Wouldnt you assume our investigation we’d ALSO be telling Annabelle to “DO SOMETHING” for evidence? Wouldnt that also put us in fatal risk? But was the check you collected more important?
Tony also demanded First Class air tickets ONLY for he and Annabelle. Im sure Annabelle would have been extra demonic if she had to fly coach. HE DEMANDED A FIRST CLASS AIR TICKET FOR A DEMON! Lmao
And you want to disrespect my entire Ghost Adventures crew by saying “Ed had more knowledge on his pinky than my whole crew does”? You were a hater of me and my crew before you even arrived that day to my museum. Everyone stated how bad your condescending attitude was the moment you arrived. And it’s not “all about the money” for us. So says the man who owns the money-making Hollywood doll. This is our LIFE.

As any good internet battle would be. Tony fired back:

Tony Spera posted on Facebook:

Ghost Adventures

I wanted to give you my take on the “Ghost Adventures“ episode that aired last night (July 30, 2020) with a look back at the “Annabelle“ episode.

Remember one thing…. Zak and his crew are doing the show ( Ghost Adventures ) for money. They need to seek out high ratings to continue to keep the show on the air.

They may have started out years ago with good intentions-

But now, sadly, they are just performers, acting out their parts….

I brought the doll to his museum in good faith. And with the VERY SPECIFIC understanding that the doll would never be touched by anyone other than yours truly. And that the doll would never leave my sight.
(that’s why I even demanded a first class plane ticket for Annabelle – who sat next to me (in her case) on the flight.

The one thing Zak left out of his little diatribe about how the young man on the motorcycle “didn’t ever touch the doll“ – so why isn’t Tony concerned that I am so close?”

Well, first- I WAS concerned that he was getting too close.

Second- the young man on the motorcycle “Challenged Annabelle to do its worst“

He said, “If that doll can do anything to me- DO IT TO ME RIGHT NOW!”

That was a challenge to the demonic. And the evil within that doll doesn’t have to listen to a human. It can do its worst at any time. An hour, a week, a year later.

And it did.

Zak has no idea what he is doing. Not in the paranormal sense, anyway.

My mistake was believing the producers when they promised that they would show ultimate respect for the doll’s evil nature- and would be professional

In every way.

It was a mistake to bring the doll. I will own that.

That’s why, when the following year they asked me to bring the doll to Zak’s Museum yet again, I declined.

I will never bring the doll to another TV show. The producers and cast of these shows really do not know the dangers associated with Annabelle.

I do.

Our team, at N.E.S.P.R. – are the real professionals. We use the ultimate knowledge and power to fight evil.

And that knowledge and power comes from God.

Our almighty creator.

And from the teachings and mentoring of the most knowledgeable humans on earth with respect to the supernatural and preternatural… Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Ed had more knowledge of the paranormal in his pinky finger that Zak and his entire Crew has.

I am not angry with Zak. But I am concerned for him. By challenging – and treating the preternatural realm as sort of a game, a way to make ratings…

Is a dangerous thing indeed.

Kind of like “ Russian Roulette”

Why take that chance?

Tony Spera
Director, N.E.S.P. R.

In Aug. 14, 2020 there was a rumor going around the interwebs about Annabelle escaped or went missing from the museum. In fact the Warren museum was closed by this point. Do to them passing away. Tony was now trying to find a new home for the museum and has yet to be reopened. Tony has come forward stating that the doll is still there and has not left or escaped.

So there.. Annabelle the doll.. are the stories true? The paranormal events, the deaths, the fights? Or is it all just a gimmick?

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