HMM Day 11 – The Lost Boys

I’m going to have piggyback of this post again. But it’s STORY TIME!

I believe I was about 7 or 8 years old when I first saw this movie. I remember this one for a number of reasons . One being it was my first real introduction to modern horror movie(for that time in the 80s). The other one was a bit of an odd one. I remember we had to leave our house for some reason, I remember that there was something wrong with the house and we could stay there for a couple of night. I’m sure I could just call my Mom and ask, but that would be to easy hahaha. Anywho! So we can’t stay at our house and a family friend let us stay at his other houses. He had a few of them around town. I was called out of school for those few days and the first night we were there. There wasn’t much in the house. There was this off white carpet with this fuzzy light blue rug, hospital white walls. In the middle of the living room there was a futon in the middle and a nightstand next to it. There was a basic TV and VCR in front of the futon. There was two bedrooms and small kitchen. Once we made ourselves at home, my Mom and Dad went out and get pizza and rent a few movies. One of tho movies was the Lost Boys! I remember there was a long conversation between my parents if I should watch this movie.

Fast forward a bit, I was able to watch the movie and have some pizza . I sat on the floor as my parents would sit on the futon. As the movie started I kept feeling these weird things crawl on me. Looking at my arms and legs I couldn’t see anything at first. Trying my best to watch the movie and ignore the odd itchy feeling I managed to make it the part where Michael is being introduced to the life style that is a Vampire. I couldn’t take it anymore and stood up and looked at my legs. I had these little black things jumping on and off me and my legs and arms were cover in little bit marks. My parent soon did the same thing and my Mom freaked out and said that there were fleas everywhere! Looking to my right at the TV I see Kiefer Sutherland biting into a guy’s head. Being as little as I was, I was scared and also freaking out about the mount of fleas in this house. Sadly I didn’t get to finish the movie and my parents dropped me off at my Grandparents. Took my shower and went to bed…. I did not sleep at all that night or for the next few nights. The image of that movie and not being ableto finish it haunted me.

Once we got back to the house I over heard my parents talking about the friend’s house. Saying that he would use it as a storing place for his dogs. That he didn’t think that there was going to be a problem like that hahaha. Sadly it wasn’t till about early 90s I was finally about to finish The Lost Boys and I loved it. By that time I was already way into horror/action/fantasy movies. Like I said, it was an odd story and I can’t help to think about it every time I see this movie.

As Mike starts changing into a vamp, the only person he can rely is his younger brother. It’s through their bond and love that the movie has a good deal of heart. Mix in some truly awesome death scenes and the movie is what I like to call a well made cake.

HMM Day 11 – The Lost Boys

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