HMM Day 13 – Dark Night of the Scarecrow

On The Subject of Horror

You know what everybody loves? A good comeuppance movie. That kind of horror movie where the victims being hunted down are in all rights, not innocent. Justice is being completely served. Where moves like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween all have killers going after innocent youth; it is kind of rewarding for a horror movie to feature victims getting their just reward. I mean, I sure do love seeing Jason and Freddy working their magic but I can’t help myself feeling some sense of remorse for our characters. “Come on Krueger! Why did you have to kill Jennifer? She was gonna take Hollywood by fucking storm!”

A good comeuppance death is a perfect moment for insane people like ourselves to root for the killer and enjoy the bloodshed in full throttle. The best is when the bad guy in a horror movie gets it in…

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