The Raist and The Cain talk movies: Big trouble in Little China


Hi all! Remember us? We were those two guys that said we were going to talk about films at some point, and well, here we are! Say hi to the nice people of our audience Cain. 
Cain: Hello puny meat humans!
Okay erm…right! Let’s get this party started! Over to you Cain!
Cain: Now, this is a movie both of us got excited about. I know it’s a classic in my book, and I’m pretty sure it’s one in yours as well. What is it about this movie that makes it stand out?
Well, you don’t even have to say pretty sure: it is! I mean I own a Deckbuilding game, a book about the making of the film ,an illustrated book that continues the story, so yeah you could say that I have a thing for this movie. Erm, not…

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