Unboxing: Loot Crate DX October/Darkness

SO… Yeah… I meant to post this one AWHILE ago. But with everything going on in my personal life and the way 2020 been going. Life kinda got in the way. In fact, I was digging through my history and realized I have a total of 6 unboxing events I haven’t even posted yet… For that I have no reason as to why, believe me I tried to come up with one. Maybe I sidetracked with something else or just straight laziness and forgot hahaha. We have a Fallout crate, Darkness DX, Elder Scrolls Crate, Welcome Crate, Star Wars Crate and Vault Crate.. So Now I’ll be sitting down today and writing all of these out to share.

We have the Darkness DX Crate:

I was rather looking forward to this Crate. Sadly was met with a little disappointment. While the Venom item that happen to be a hoody was a cool idea. The finished product was something to be desired. It’s basically a thin shirt hoody and not an actually sweater style. The Fallout shirt was the only good thing that come out of this Crate, at least for me. I gave my daughter the Beetiejuice neck pillow and the Black Widow figure. I might re-gift the Venom “hoody” to someone else. I might give the DX Crates one more shot, before I drop it from my list. Still the DX Crate a miles above the standard core Crate and worth the money inthe end. Even if I don’t like the item, there is always someone out there that might love it more than I do hahha,

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