Unboxing: Fallout Crate

Fallout has to be one of my favorite game of all time. Well, next to Skyrim.. Fallout: Tactics is still my favorite out of the series. But this is about the Crate and not the games. This Crate I was looking forward to for awhile now. I have to say that it was over all a great box. I enjoyed the Elder Scrolls Crates a little bit more out of the two.

With in this Crate we have a Broadsider mini, build a figure part. Now you have to get all the crates in order finish building the figure, which is a power-suit by the way. Fuzzy dice with the hellcats logo on it, a map of West Virginia and a Terminal phone stand. Over all this Crate wasn’t too bad. Worth the money for it and waiting for, it is a every other month Crate. I still feel the Elder Scrolls Crate is better. But I really big on Norse and fantasy, as you couldn’t tell hahaha.

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