WW84: WTF?

NOTICE: This review contains lots of spoilers. Great Hera! Wonder Woman: 1984 was terrible! I am distraught over this, and must complain to all of you accordingly. It didn’t have to be this way. Wonder Woman (2017), for all its flaws, was still an enjoyable, fun movie for me, in part because of my love for Diana […]

WW84: WTF?

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  1. I’d have to agree with most of the review and all of your comment with the original post. A few things were missed though.

    Diana specifically said she went back and looked for the Asteria, but only found the armor. Of course, that’s a timeline issue also, since the fight with Asteria (as best I recall) is supposed to be the one that forced the Amazons out of man’s world and onto Themyscara. Which… is supposed to be before Diana was born. Sooo… she went back hundreds of years later, and just found the armor still laying there, or was it in a museum, etc???

    Also, with Steve inhabiting the other guy’s body. The way I took it was that Diana didn’t know. She just assumed he’d been brought back whole cloth. Steve clearly saw the other guy in the mirror, but it’s uncertain if he realized AT FIRST what was going on.

    The main problem with the movie is it pushed the underlying theme of “accept what is instead of distorting reality” way too hard, and fairly sideways also. The message was lost in a weird plot and Diana’s acrobatics and rope tricks at times making her look like a lantern corp member than an Amazon.

    As for the no consequences for Max Lord thing… I **think** they were trying to steer Diana back towards her “Princess of Peace” title instead of the borderline killing machine that newer writers have portrayed her as. It’s an inability of most to be able to mentally separate strength from displays of violent action.

    Either way, I’d agree the ending was a fumble also.

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