3 Replies to “THE SUICIDE SQUAD Official Trailer 2021”

  1. Well, I question a few of the villain choices… Polka Dot Man, REALLY? I suppose he’ll fit some unique niche in the film’s story though. I really would have liked to see Will Smith back as Deadshot too. He did a bang up job in the other movie. He and Margot Robbie were what kept that earlier one watchable (although there were a couple other strong performances like Viola Davis, who makes a PERFECT Waller). King Shark’s animation also… Just YUCK. The CW’s Flash show has a MUCH better CGI King Shark.

    That’s all nitpicking however. Overall, this one looks really promising. What the previous one might have been. My only legitimate concern is that the cast is going to be too big to let any character really shine. Either that, or there’s going to be one hell of a body count. 😀

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    1. From my understanding, there is going to be a rather high body count. I am rather excited for this movie to come out, I do wish Will came back as well. But I guess there were scheduling conflicts between movies.

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      1. OK, wow… It took 10 tries to get the “like” on your reply to stick. O_o

        The body count wouldn’t surprise me. Heck, even in the animated Suicide Squad video, Waller blew KGBeast’s head off just to make a point… right at the start. Hard to say with Will Smith also. He’s a very talented actor, but I hear he can be very demanding and hard to work with. Either way, I’m looking forward to it, although I do hope they get the CW’s animators to fix King Shark. 😀

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