Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 13 Graphic Novel Review


Published by Rebellion.

John Wagner and Alant Grant, writers.

Dougie Braithwaite, John Higgins, Barry Kitson, Will Simpson, Jim Baikie, Colin MacNeil, Barry Kitson, Cliff Robinson, Liam McCormack-Sharp, Mick Austin, Mike Collins, Peter Vetner, Carlos Ezquerra, Chris Weston, Cam Kennedy, Vanyo, Paul Marshall, Jeff Anderson, Steve Yeowell.

This 13th collection features many many Judge Dredd stories and it is rough at times. Not the art, not the writing. Both are amazing in each and every story. The entire world of Judge Dredd is difficult. This 13th volume is the only one available in my local library system, and I have a couple of cross overs in my own collection (like with Batman) but my Dredd and 2000AD collections sit at zero.

I’ve enjoyed the movies. Anthrax is one of my all time favorite bands. Yet there is something about Dredd that has never came across the pond to the same level…

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