Planet of the Dinosaurs (1977) — Jurassic Park, eat your heart out

Mutant Reviewers

“Well I’ll tell you something, it wasn’t a streetcar, baby.”

Tom’s rating: The stegosaurus should have won.

Tom’s review:Star Wars came out in 1977 with an amazing $11 million dollar production and changed science fiction forever. But have you ever wondered what else was happening in the world of science fiction movies in 1977? Well look no further than Planet of Dinosaurs! Yes! It’s as if I can hear a full cadre of animated clay dinosaurs growling their hideous dino-laughs in the direction of Star Wars. GWAAARRRAARRRRRRAAAAHA HA HA HAAAA! Who needs your $11 million dollar production? We’ll give you sci-fi goodness for less than a million bucks!

That’s right. This little known cult gem even won a prestigious award, from what Wikipedia is telling me. Apparently, for a short period of time, there used be a special Saturn award given to low budget scifi movies…

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