Planet of the Dinosaurs (1977) — Jurassic Park, eat your heart out

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“Well I’ll tell you something, it wasn’t a streetcar, baby.”

Tom’s rating: The stegosaurus should have won.

Tom’s review:Star Wars came out in 1977 with an amazing $11 million dollar production and changed science fiction forever. But have you ever wondered what else was happening in the world of science fiction movies in 1977? Well look no further than Planet of Dinosaurs! Yes! It’s as if I can hear a full cadre of animated clay dinosaurs growling their hideous dino-laughs in the direction of Star Wars. GWAAARRRAARRRRRRAAAAHA HA HA HAAAA! Who needs your $11 million dollar production? We’ll give you sci-fi goodness for less than a million bucks!

That’s right. This little known cult gem even won a prestigious award, from what Wikipedia is telling me. Apparently, for a short period of time, there used be a special Saturn award given to low budget scifi movies…

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Heroes Of The Empire (Documentary)

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Instead of watching the films for the hundredth time, this Star Wars Day I decided to watch a documentary I’d been meaning to see for quite some time. For fans this group is a huge part of the fandom so it’s great to see some of them get the recognition they deserve with this hour-long documentary.

Directed by Tom Long, Heroes Of The Empire is the “untold story of the 501st Legion UK garrison” and features stories from some of the members and their families.

The 501st is a world-wide collection of Star Wars costumers. Initially started in 1997 the organisation is classified as a non profit. Its members and their costumes are held to a high standard both in and out of character.

501st legion star wars crazydiscostu documentary review

They are involved in a huge amount of charity work internationally:

The 501st Legion mission :

“…The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed…

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Six cyberpunk movies that’ll jack you into the matrix — Mutant Reviewers

I know I have post a couple of these movies in my Cyberpunk Challenge. But this review/list done by Mutant Reviewers, is rather spot on. If you have some time I give it a read.

Mash together gritty settings, body modification, future tech, film noir, and continent-sweeping cities to make yourself some cyberpunk stew. Here are six movies that look at the seedier side of the future: Blade Runner (1982) From our review: “Ridley Scott’s visual sense is at it’s best here, drawing inspiration from Mayan temples to microchip design. […]

Six cyberpunk movies that’ll jack you into the matrix — Mutant Reviewers

StarDate 75831.1

Well I started writing and got side tracked with Road House…. ANYWHO!! So now that is over. I finally had some time to sit down and do a massive clean out on the blog and update all the links. Even updated a few aspects of the site was well.

I’ve been remodeling my site to be a one stop shop for all things. My goal is not to be on social media as much. Rather use my blog/site to update everything. I mean there are some I have to check every so often, but places like Facebook, Twitter not so much. I can easily govern them through my site. I also plan on being more active on the podcast network I’m apart of. Specially now I have a normal job with normal business hours, I can actually do things!! Who knew!! I addition to the number of updates, I made a donation page to help out with future & current projects and podcasts. Plus with every donation made, a percentage with be donated to a charity that help fight against climate change.

At some point I plain on making store front for custom work and stickers/shirts. The money made off that will be turned towards the site and my fellow podcasts, for better equipment and servers/storage. Even looking into starting our old YouTube channel again. Nerdy Life of Mine as been a labor of love for over 10 years… That is rather crazy to think about. So things are happening and I for one am rather excited on how things are going.


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The Pop Culture Pub Podcast: Our Bucket Lists


March 14, 2022


On this episode of ‘The Pop Culture Pub Podcast’ the podcasters are discussing their “bucket lists”.

Hosted by Chris Lockhart with Lillian Knelsen, Ragnar, Kevin Decent with special guest star Michael Dean Jackson.

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