One Year On: Lord of The Rings – Journeys in Middle Earth — The Solo Meeple

Looking back over the last year I have to say I’m surprised, because I haven’t even been tempted to play this game again since reviewing it. Surprised, because the LOTR IP is one of my favourites and this game spins a really good tale within Tolkien’s world. However, there are reasons why I haven’t been […] …

D&D Figures

Just finished making some more characters for the D&D campaign. I must say I actually really like putting this figures together.

Finished Painting

I finished the two main figures for my D&D campaign. One being the dragon I shared earlier last week. The other was the Owlbear :). I have to say. I really enjoyed making these and kinda want to do more.

Let the D&D fun begin!

Got some new figures for my D&D complain. Now I get to have painting them! Believe me there will be an update once they are all done.

Pokémon GO Day!

So the Hobbits and I went on a Pokémon hunt let we do every weekend. Or opportunity to do so 😊. We walked all over town and beyond what we normally do. I was rather surprised, negate it was the kids ideas to keep going. Hit like 5 different raids, hatched like 9 eggs, kids …

Destiny 2 new DLC

Gaming news update: Destiny 2's next expansion will be called Warmind. The expansion wilt arrive on May 8 with the start of Season Three. Bungie said the expansion, "will send you to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies. You'll earn new loot and master new activities."