Star Trek Book Challenge 7: The IDIC Epidemic (Star Trek: The Original Series #38)

For this book challenge I went back with old school Star Trek and read The IDIC Epidemic (Star Trek: The Original Series #38) by Jean Lorrah. Plot:

I.D.I.C — Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination. More than just a simple credo, for those of the planet Vulcan it is the cornerstone of their philosophy.

Now, on the Vulcan Science Colony Nisus, that credo of tolerance is being being put to its sternest test. For here, on a planet where Vulcan, human, Klingon, and countless other races live and work side by side, a deadly plague whose origins has sprung up. A plague whose origins are somehow rooted in the concept of I.D.I.C. itself. A plague that threatens to tear down that centuries-old maxim and replace it with an even older concept.

77302Great story and the story moves right along. Now it’s not an action packed book, so if you came looking for an action pack Star Trek novel. Stay away from this book… Also this book mostly follows the ST:TOS universe and Kirk, Spock, McCoy and  others are just secondary characters here. The main part is mostly focused on ST:TOS guest stars like Corrigan, Sorel or Sarek and Amanda etc… It’s an ‘intergalactic” take on racism, segregation/cooperation of species. It makes for a interesting read from a philosophical standpoint. It’s defiantly what they call, “a thinking man’s book.” This actually took me a few days to read. Where as most of the past Star Trek books take me a 1 or 2 days to wrap up.

I liked the book! But I don’t know if I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t a hardcore fan of the Star Trek universe. Now this novel is a sequel to Jean Lorrah’s previous Trek entry, the Vulcan Academy Murders. Which is another great book by it’s self.

Star Trek Book Challenge 6: Into the Nebula (Star Trek: The Next Generation #36)

So for this Star Trek book challenge I read Into the Nebula (Star Trek: The Next Generation #36) By Gene DeWeese.

216903Not a bad little exploration and story about dual universes. I rather enjoy Gene DeWeese and his old fashioned sci-fi elements and story tells in this novel. Lots of potential for a second story, **Spoilers**regarding the sleeper ship that left the planet and caught the Enterprises attention**Spoilers**. Good characters and regard for mythology, the only real complaint is the quick and tidy resolution. The Story is heavy with the use of Data, he is the main focus point in the book. I’m guessing it’s rather easy to write out Data as growing through out the story.

Over all the book is easy to read and fast. Maybe a little to fast…. Check it out if you have some time to kill. The plot out line goes as follows:

While exploring an unknown region of space, the U.S.S. “Enterprise” TM encounters a strange nebular dust. Upon further investigation, they discover a planet called Krantin on which the plant and animal life, as well as the civilization are dying. A series of explosions and a ship that simply disappears into thin air lead the crew to believe another group is causing the devastation of the planet. The leader of the planet’s society, however, is wary of trusting the starship “Enterprise” crewmembers, and has the away team arrested. With time running out, Data must find a way to save his crewmates or watch as two worlds are destroyed.

Star Trek Book Challenge 5: Relics (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

For the Star Trek book challenge I read: Relics (Star Trek: The Next Generation) by Michael Jan Friedman.. This book is great and mile above Jeri Taylor’s craptastic book.

999453Another cross over episode/book…. Also A LOT better than the last book…. This book is a must read! Even if you are familiar with the episode, this book gives you more detail as to how Scotty gets stuck in that transporter. The scene where Scotty recreates the original Enterprise on the holodeck (while drunk). It gives that scene and Scotty’s emotions a lot more depth/meaning, and is more entertaining. The book does a good job of adding to the story line that was already in place. It smart and funny as well as a fast read.

It you get a change, read this book and watch the episode again!! It’s a classic on every level.

Plot out line for the book is:

The U.S.S. Enterprise discovers the wreckage of a starship upon the monstrous surface of a Dyson sphere, an artificially-constructed habitat built around a star; and preserved in a weak transporter pattern is Starfleet engineering legend Montgomery “Scotty” Scott. Mr. Scott boards the Enterprise to find himself lost in a world that he barely recognizes, a world that has passed him by. But soon the Enterprise finds itself trapped within the Dyson sphere and pulled into the star, and Scotty must work with Lt. Geordi La Forge to rescue the Enterprise.


Star Trek Book Challenge 4: Unification (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

For this book challenge I read: Unification (Star Trek: The Next Generation) by Jeri Taylor

517hp6jDTnL._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_Oh my…… Where to begin with this one…. It’s another book based of the a episode… But this was…. It was bad, I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads. Mostly because it had some good points like: Like the cross over with the classic Star Trek and Next Generation…. Data was rather funny in this book… That’s about it.

But it so poorly written and plot holes everywhere.. It’s like author didn’t even know any Star Trek history. Aside from the fact that this reads like an old harlequin novel. Yeah! I know right! There were so many sexual references with every character. I think the word I’m looking for is nymphomaniac HAHAHA, yeah it’s that bad at times in this book. It really took away from the story and the fact it’s almost completely different for the TV show. I understand you can add or change things around in a book to make it more enjoyable or enrich the environment. But this book and author fail on every level possible…

It’s sad in a way really.. I’m just surprised that this book was okay to be published.. I’d say, stay far away from this book!

Based on the epic two-part television episode, here now is the story STAR TREK fans have awaited for five long years, the story that bring together Spock — the enigmatic Vulcan who personified the original, classic STAR TREK — with the crew of the Next Generation. Screenwriter Teri Taylor brings all the excitement and wonder that have captivated fans of the smash television series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION to this story of Spock’s forbidden journey into the heart of the Romulan Empire — and the U.S.S. Enterprise’s desperate attempts to discover the reasons for his mission there. Join now with Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and the rest of the Next Generation crew on a voyage of unsurpassed adventure, a voyage that brings them to the edge of history — and forces them to confront a shattering betrayal!

I really wanted to stop reading this book. It was that bad… Now that I’m writing about this book. I think I’m going to change my rating on Goodreads. It’s not worth 3 stars…. So if you want a lackluster, bad plot line, trash harlequin Star Trek novel. This is for you!! Odd thing is, the episode was great! Rather dropped the ball on this one.

Star Trek Book Challenge 3: Blaze of Glory (Star Trek: The Next Generation #34)


Sorry it took me awhile to post this weeks challenge. Between work and big goings on in my personal life. Found it hard to find some time write about this weeks book. But at any rate, read on and hopefully I ‘ll inspire you to pick up a book and start reading!!

So for this Star Trek Book Challenge I read: Blaze of Glory (Star Trek: The Next Generation #34) By Simon Hawke.

This one was a rather quick read and enjoyed the story all around. Has a little cyberpunk infused with the story arch. Most of the story is centered on Riker and Pirates. Of course you have the Romulan Empire making trouble for everyone haha. I find in some Trek novels the politics and diplomatic are rather dry and lackluster. But here the politics/diplomatic are rather  enjoyable though the whole book.

The book summery goes as follows:

The “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM is assigned to the planet K’Trall, a planet just coming out from under the heel of barbarous suppression. When the planet’s newly emerging freedom is threatened by a rouge ship attacking Federation shipping, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew put their lives on the line to protect K’Trall from the raids. But the planet itself holds a deadly secret, one that could lead to a resurgence of the despotic cruelty they have suffered for centuries. With time running out, Captain Picard must see his way past a maze of deadly deception, with billions of lives hanging in the balance.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Star Trek or just starting out. You can pick this up with out know anything about Star Trek and run with it.

Star Trek Book Challenge 2: Encounter at Farpoint (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

So this weeks Star Trek Book Challenge: Encounter at Farpoint (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

The U.S.S. Enterprise is en route to Cygnus IV, home of the technologically illiterate Bandi and their mysteriously advanced Farpoint Station. After adding to its crew complement from Deneb IV they are harassed and prosecuted by an omnipotent being named Q, who claims that humanity has not progressed beyond barbarism. Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise must defend themselves by solving the mystery of Farpoint Station in a manner satisfactory to their newest judge and nemesis.

81cE5EIFlBL Deanna cried out, “I sense joy, Captain! Great joy!”….Yeah… Not so much here.

It’s a novelization of the pilot eps. Sadly nothing to actions pack. It’s a quick read and there are vary little extras added to the story line. It does give you a little bit more character background and there a few mistakes within the book. At times it feels like he took the script and added notes to it. I’m really torn on this book. Mostly because there was no need for it. You already have the TV, why make a novel out of it? Just make something new! But with that being said it does make you want to watch the pilot again and it a easy read for on the go. Even if you are new to Star Trek, this would be a good place to start. If you don’t know where to begin.

Star Trek Book Challenge 1: Mindshadow (Star Trek: The Original Series #27)

This is the first of 88 books I’m reading in the Star Trek series. Like I said in a previous post, Every week I’ll be posting about each book and my thoughts on it as well. I’ll give out little sub plots so you can get an idea on what the book is about. I’ll try and hold back the spoilers. But no promises tho!! The books I have, start with Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Star Trek has always had a special spot in my heart. Mostly do to my Dad and I always watched together(aside from Star Wars… I know! How dare I bring Star Wars up in a Star Trek post! Deal with it haha.) and acted as a “common ground” between me and my Step-Dad. Now my kids are getting into Star Trek as well, figured it’ll be nice to carry things along with in the family history. Anywho! On with the post and book! This book is called Mindshadow (Star Trek: The Original Series #27) and the story line goes as follows:

939996The tranquil planet of Aritani has suddenly come under attack by a vicious and unknown enemy. The U.S.S. Enterprise rallies to the scene, only to plunge into a deadly nightmare: Spock is found mysteriously injured, his mental powers crippled and weak, and Kirk uncovers an evil Romulan plot– with a cunning double agent in the middle. Kirk strives to expose the agent, but only Spock’s knowledge can stop the Romulans.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book.

Pro: *SPOILERS* The book it’s self seemed like it could have been a stand alone episode that would have been aired on TV. Characters/story helped move the story along and had suspense between the actions of the characters, *especially with Spock battling with him self and dealing with the facts of his ‘memory loss,’ and why it happened.* In addition to the story line of conflict; the conflict between Kirk and McCoy is treated in a very believable manner.
This book is also for Spock fans, giving lots of attention to Spock, also to his family and Vulcan society.

Cons: It’s just your average Trek story… I hate to put it that way. But it is.

But if you ever get the chance to read it. I say go for it!! The book was written by J.M. Dillard my copy is paperback, 252 pages. Published November 1st 1989 by Pocket Books (first published 1986.


Star Trek Book Challenge

So we have this free-ish yard sale every 6 months. One rule: you leave something, you take something. We found two boxes filled with Star Trek books! Still going through them all! The fanboy in me is screaming. Or am I really screaming? Maybe that’s why everyone was looking at me funny…

ANYWHO!! I just got done going through all of these books and picked out the doubles. I have a total of 88 Star Trek books. Wow… So it popped into my mind that I could read one book a week and then write about it! I’m calling it the Star Trek Book Challenge! Okay yes it’s not the most action pack title out there. But for what I’m doing figured why not? HAHA Unless you can come up with another name I’m all ears! #StarTrekBookChallenge