Star Wars Book Challenge 1.5: Han Solo at Stars’ End (Star Wars: The Han Solo Adventures #1)


Next time I fall for one of these tempting offers, sit on me till the urge passes.―Han Solo, to Chewbacca

NUMBER 1.5!!! So here we have the first novel of the The Han Solo Adventures trilogy! A friend of mine let me borrow these book for the challenge and personal couldn’t wait to start reading them! I found myself really enjoying this novel and the over all story plot/idea behind the trilogy.

873195Han Solo trusts no one, and does no favors. But when the best illegal ship rebuilder in the galaxy disappears, Han and Chewbacca agree to go after him—after all, the Millennium Falcon needs some very special repairs. Their search pits them against powerful and ruthless enemies out to destroy them, and finally leads them to an airless speck of desolate asteroid—the Corporate Sector Authority|Authority prison planet known as Stars’ End.

Written by Brian Daley, it was released on April 12, 1979. A sequel, entitled Han Solo’s Revenge, was published on October 12, 1979. The whole trilogy was reprinted together on April 22, 1992. It’s mostly disconnected from the rest of the Star Wars Universe. It takes Solo and Chewbacca off to a distant place far removed from The Empire, Jabba the Hutt and more. While it does examine their pre-Luke Skywalker life, it makes no references to anything familiar other than the two characters, making it markedly different than most other Star Wars tie-ins. Still, the character do feel like those we grew to love on screen and they do have fun banter and action adventures. It’s well written and Brain Daley does a good job of telling a story. Given there really wasn’t much to go on at the time. Han’s quips and comments are true to the first movie as well as his ambitions and code of ethics. Some new characters that were added are two droids, Bullox and Blue Max. Both neat additions to the Star Wars Universe if a bit reminiscent of C3PO and R3D2. 

So far in this challenge I’ve read some short novels. Han Solo at Stars’ End (Star Wars: The Han Solo Adventures #1) is only about 187 pages long. Most of this trilogy each book is just under 200 pages, Han Solo’s Revenge is 198. Making it the bigger one in the set and that one will be coming next month :). I’m really liking where this is going and enjoying this challenge a little bit more.


Star Wars Book Challenge 1: Winner Lose All (Star Wars Legends)

Star-Wars-Book Challenge_Silver

So here we are with the first of the 19 books! As I stated before, I’ll be reading one Star Wars book a month till the release of Star Wars VIII. So on the 15th of every month I’ll be posting a new Star Wars book. Think of it as a fun way to count down to the the movie!

We have, Winner Lose All (Star Wars Legends) by Timothy Zahn (best known for Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy & (The Conquerors Saga) is a prequel “novella” to Timothy Zahn’s Scoundrels.

16156151Lando Calrissian’s no stranger to card tournaments, but this one has a truly electrifying atmosphere. That’s because the prize is a rare sculpture worth a whopping fifty million credits. If Lando’s not careful, he’s going to go bust, especially after meeting identical twins Bink and Tavia Kitik, master thieves who have reason to believe that the sculpture is a fake. The Kitiks are beautiful, dangerous, and determined to set things right—and they’ve convinced Lando to help them expose the scam. But what they’re up against is no simple double cross, nor even a twisted triple cross. It is a full-blown power play of colossal proportions. For an unseen mastermind holds all the cards and has a fail-proof solution for every problem: murder.

Winner Lose All is a short story and it’s only about 65 pages long. Now I read this before reading Scoundrels, but I have a good idea on what happen in that novel. I rather enjoyed Winner Lose All, it’s a classic tale of “get rich quick” gambles. Murder, frame-ups, gambling, conniving and thievery, it’s all here! I also like the new characters that Zahn made for the story line, I think the only problem I had with the story. It was a little slow to take off, it it all comes together in the end. Not a bad way to start off a new book challenge, now that the Star Trek book challenge is coming to an end. So if you happen to find a copy of this story, give it a read.

Coming Soon!! Star Wars Book Challenge

Star-Wars-Book Challenge Coming SoonSo with the Star Trek Book Challenge almost to a end. I was looking around for another challenge and what would be more fitting than Star Wars!! I always enjoyed Trek (the TV shows & movie more so, than the books). But I’ve been a bigger Fanboy to the Wars and the novels. After reading Star Wars: Dark Force Rising (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy #2) it gave me the idea to do this challenge. So I figured I will read one Star Wars novel a month and post them on the 15th till the release of Star Wars VIII. Think of it as a fun way to count down to the the movie! Now I have some other smaller Star Wars novels that I’ll double up on and add a “.5” to them, much like I did with the Star Trek Challenge. So I’m thinking June 15, 2016 will be the start date for this new challenge and end on December 15, 2017. I believe that will be about 19 (unless I find some other smaller novels to squeeze in there) books in all. At any rate I’m rather looking forward to this and I hope you all enjoy it as much as well.


Star Wars: Dark Force Rising (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy #2)


SO!! In between all the Star Trek books I was able to worm a Star Wars novel into the time line. Thank God I did! As much as I love Trek and some of the novels are great, sadly there are So many that are just… Just a pile of crap. But I love the Challenge and will see it to the end. But we’re here to talk about the Star Wars: Dark Force Rising (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy #2) by . Now this is the second book in the Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy (Heir to the Empire (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, #1)Dark Force Rising (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, #2) The Last Command (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, #3))  So if you haven’t read any of the Trilogy yet, leave now….

216442The dying Empire’s most cunning and ruthless warlord–Grand Admiral Thrawn–has taken command of the remnants of the Imperial fleet and launched a massive campaign aimed at the New Republic’s destruction. Meanwhile, Han and Lando Calrissian race against time to find proof of treason inside the highest Republican Council–only to discover instead a ghostly fleet of warships that could bring doom to their friends and victory to their enemies.

Yet most dangerous of all is a new Dark Jedi, risen from the ashes of a shrouded past, consumed by bitterness…and scheming to corrupt Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side.

The over all story is good and picks up right where the first novel leaves off. The characters are are well balanced and Zahn as a good handle on the history. Not as much action in the novel unlike the first one. It’s more political if anything else. But what there was, it was well done and the humor was great! Zahn introduced some new characters that came off a little flat to me. If they died, I wouldn’t care to much. I wish his did more with C’Boath, that was rather lackluster between  him and Luke. But then that’s just me.. But over all I loved the book and happy I read something different hahaha. I need to get back into the Star Wars expanded universe, I haven’t read them in years. Hmmm could this be my next book challenge, once I’m finished my Star Trek? After a break of course hahaha. What do you guys think?Star-Wars-Book Challenge_Silver