Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes Podcast

I am now Host, Editor & Producer for Chris Lockhart’s Random Nerdness Season 2 and Geek Fallout Podcasts. I’m also a Co-Host for Chris Lockhart’s Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes & Trek1701 Podcasts. There are links below that will lead you to the podcasting sites. Where you can enjoy every single one of them! All three podcasts are a proud member of  The Atomic Geeks Network of podcasts. I hope you check them out and show your support for us. It’s been a pleasure & a blessing for myself to be apart of these podcasts. As well as becoming friends with the people involved. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making them!!     ~Jason Bucky Roberts

Geek Fallout The Comic Book Episodes: The crew (Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida and Jason Roberts) are joined my Michael ‘Digio’ Digiovanni, one of the Podfathers of the Atomic Geeks Podcast Network. We are discussing our favorite comic book characters, comic news, picks and pans and finally an in depth discussion on Graphic Novels!! Click Here!!

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