Throw Back Wednesday

I find myself looking at old computer parts while cleaning out my garage. I found an Windows 98 install disk, a few floppy disks and a zip drive haha.  Got me thinking about much were computer back in the day and what they were loaded with. Here is the answer: For $2500.00 you too can …

Still having problems with iOS 7? Try one of these reset options

I had a few problems with iOS 7 a few weeks back and made a post about what steps I took ( But this post by Geoffrey is full of better information on what to do when it comes to iPhone/iPad. I thought I would share this for those who are still having problems with iOS 7.


With so many configuration options available to iOS 7, one could easily make a change that causes the device to perform poorly. And remembering every change you have made since you first started using you device may be a bit of a challenge: sometimes your iPhone or iPad just needs to get back to more familiar factory settings.

But completely restoring the device back to the way things were when you first took it out of the box is not always convenient. The following will outline some of the more practical and less time-consuming options you can try first in order to get things back to normal.

Try these simple reset solutions first

Reset Options for iOS 7

Toggle Airplane Mode – One of the easiest solutions to try when you are having trouble accessing the internet is to simply toggle the Airplane Mode. This will disconnect the device from all network connections…

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