iPad 3 WiFi iOS 7 Issues


So first off… I’m NOT an Apple user.. I think the last Apple product I used was The Apple IIe.. Yeah, that’s a long time ago… Anywho, my girlfriend has iPad 3 and just updated to iOS7. For a few days it worked fine, till this morning and everything just turned to crap. The WiFi won’t connect, apps wouldn’t run and also screen would get stuck/freeze. Also notice the keyboard was acting buggy and having to tap on the icons more than once.

So I figured why not try a roll back. Right? Seeing how Android and Windows you can roll back through the previous update encase something like this happens. NOPE, come to find out through the Apple forums and other people with the same problem you can’t roll back. Because Apple did away with that in iOS6.


So after reading through everything I tried resetting the network settings(this is the 1st time.) No dice. So made some changes to the DHCP, PPTP & IPSec. Even read some where that the name of the iPad would cause connection problems, like “Jason’s iPad”, you would have to change it to “Jasons iPad”.. I Thought that to be a little silly tho and failed to see how that would make a difference with the overall problems at hand.

So after all that I tried a Reset on Network, Keyboard, Home Screen, Location & Privacy. Still nothing, that’s when I called up Apple. I must say that the customer service was really fast. Like Really fast and nice. Gave her all the info that was needed and what happened to cause the problems. From there she walked me through everything I just did. Still nothing was working.

So then she had me do a Factory Reset on everything. For whatever reason everything works now. Not to sure on what the difference would be from resetting the settings individually or doing all at once. But it work tho. Now she has an update for iOS7.0.2 with bug fixes.. Hmm we’ll see haha.


1) Try resting Network Settings and try reconnecting to the WiFi

2) Try resting Location & Privacy and then try reconnecting to the WiFi

3) If all else fails try doing a reset on everything. *note: you might lose pictures/video & music that has been downloaded to the iPad.

Here are some links that might help you out:






Times Are Hard. But Things Are Looking Up

So it’s 3am, just finished Highlander (greatest movie ever!) and I realized I haven’t written a “real”post in over two weeks. Plus it doesn’t help the interweb was out for a week. The living pay check to check is getting old. I mean I know things are hard for people now a days, jobs are hard to come by, specially in my area of Oregon. But I also look at what I have and feel some what blessed/lucky for what I have. I could be out on the streets with a cardboard sign asking for a hand out.
I have a roof over my head, my kids are healthy with full tummies and clean clothes. Also can’t forget the fat cat (who turned 8 this last month.) But that doesn’t stop me from wanting more, wanting to better myself/life. That brings me into the second week.
I did get the interweb back on and I also asked my girlfriend to move in with me! So we’ve been moving everything in this past week/weekend, I think we’re just about done. Yay! I’m hoping this marks a time for change for the both of us. I know it’s not easy going into a relationship with someone who has kids. Let alone move in with them haha. But things work, we’ve known each other for awhile now and things are just relaxed between us. Plus we work together to meet our goals! Wait what!? Who does that now a days? It’s also nice to see the kids happy 🙂 about everything.
I do have a lot of posts I’ve been planning and setting to the side. Just with everything going on, I haven’t had a moment to myself to sit down and write everything out. I know we have a tabletop night coming up. I hope so, rather over due for one (Care-bear! Make it happen! I know you’re reading this haha)
Off topic, I found this at the store the other day… I had a good laugh at this haha, someone not paying attention or was it just pure laziness?


But at any rate, things are on the up from what they were a year ago. I just hope they keep going that way. At times I feel bad, I’m not use to having someone wanting to help me. So use to doing everything myself, specially when it comes to the kids.
Thanks for reading, again sorry for a random little posts. I have more coming tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Random TableTop Night

So we had a random little TableTop night at my girlfriend”s parent’s place. Started off with Small World, I picked Wealthy Halfings and made a nice little corner for myself on the map. So after 3 rounds flipped them and took Dragon Master Barbarians and took out the Amazons and a few Leprechauns (just because they’re magically delicious!). So once I couldn’t do anymore damage with the Barbarians, I picked up the Commando Pygmies… Yes I said Commando Pygmies… This was the last round of the game figured go out with a bang haha. For those who don’t know what Small World is: “inhabited by a zany cast of characters such as dwarves, wizards, amazons, giants, orcs, and even humans, who use their troops to occupy territory and conquer adjacent lands in order to push the other races off the face of the earth. Picking the right combination from the 14 different fantasy races and 20 unique special powers, players rush to expand their empires – often at the expense of weaker neighbors. Yet they must also know when to push their own over-extended civilization into decline and ride a new one to victory!” -Description from Game’s website http://www.daysofwonder.com/smallworld, check it out sometime!

Then after Small World we played a round of Seven Wonders and then a around of Ticket To Ride. Not a bad little night of gaming!






On a side note: I also got Ticket To Ride off the Google Play Store. It runs great on my Nexus 7, it’s smooth no lag of any kind. I’ve played Ticket To Ride on iPad before playing on Android and I like them both. I really can’t tell the differences between the two, aside from one being on 9.7″ display and the other being 7″ display. The cost for the app on Google Play was $6.99, something with the App Store. I know in some cases the iPad came with Ticket To Ride for free, so bonus for those who got it!!



Adventures in Single Parenting

Where to start…? For the past year or so I’ve been keeping a log of the day-to-day life of myself and my kids. I’ve also been keeping a medical log as well, mostly for my son seeing how he has the most of the problems. The reason for all the record keeping was caused by me and my ex-wife getting a divorce about a year ago…. As it stands I have the kids 90% of the time. She moved out.. I don’t know why I’m writing about this now. I think it was caused by reading everything that I wrote in the logs.
I know I made a post when everything went down on Facebook and I also stated that I wouldn’t talk about it again.. But there are so many things digging at me.. The drama, games, the lack of respect. Here is the post I made on Facebook:

“End of a Chapter. Starting a new one
by Jason Roberts on Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 12:16am ·

I’ve been thinking a lot about this for the past month or two now. For those who knows both me and Laurel personally, know that we have been, having a great deal of trouble in our marriage.

For the past month now we both came to the point where things are just not working out anymore. We have parted ways and moved on to other things.

We are both working together to make sure the kids are happy in all this and that there is NO bad blood between us both. I know it’s never easy and also sad. But in the long run it’s for the best I think. We are just on to different levels and have different ideas for what we want out of life.

Now this is something that just didn’t happen over night. No this has been going on from Oct. 2011 to now. We’ve try to work things out. But it wasn’t till these last 2 months is where we both realized that things were just never going to be the same or get better. Again there is no bad blood, no “he said, she said.” going on. We are both living our lives and making sure that the kids are happy , health, and that they have everything they need in life. After all.. That is what is important, the kids.

It feels nice to talk about this finally. We’ve been keeping a lot of this under raps for so long, worry on what people may think. Are we going to lose friends? Lose family? Be everyone seems to be working with us to make sure everyone is happy and working together.

We both are see other people and living our lives the way we see fit. No more, no less. This is the last and only time I will ever write about this. The fact is that this is a personal matter. But all of our friends are on here and this is just an easier way to inform everyone that needs to know.”

The truth of the matter is I tried to make it work.. THREE times I’ve tried to make things work out. Whats odd is, I’ve always said if someone cheated on me I was out. Gone.. But for some reason that just eludes me to why I tried to make things work. Maybe it was for the kids? I don’t know….. As time goes on my attention is on the kids. They have become my life and I will do anything for them. I want them to be happy and health. I’m just tired of  walking on egg shells so to speak.

I’m the one doing everything for them. School, meetings with teachers, Doctor appointments, helping with homework. I make sure they have clean cloths and 3 meals a day. Oh sure she takes them every so often. For the past month it’s been Tuesdays and Saturdays only for a few hours. But there have been a few times where I get a text or phone call stating that she is “tired” or not “feeling good” OR my favorite is ” can you come and get them? They won’t listen to anything I say.”

I’m sorry… But that’s not how this works. You’re the parent, the Mother… I just don’t get it really, it’s like they come off as a chore. Also what kills me is when I get texts late at night asking if I’m unhappy having the kids all the time? Followed up with a lame attempted of saying sorry for making a mess of my life.

No… I’m done being nice, I tired of the games and drama. Tired of waiting for someone’s mind to make decision and/or keep a promise. These kids are my life, the air I breath. They make me complete and happy where I am no made what. I love seeing their little faces in the morning and telling me what they had dreams about. How they slept and what they want for breakfast. I mean yeah it lonely not having another adult around to talk to. But I figured a relationship or what have you will happen in its own time. I just hope they are okay with kids HA-HA! I’ll tell you this tho… If I ever do get married again, that’s it! I want someone to talk to me about the problems when they have them. Not just sit there and do nothing. Like I said in that post:

“We are just on to different levels and have different ideas for what we want out of life.”