Drawing On My Note 3

I have to say I love my phone. I believe the Samsung Note 3 is everything I can ask for I a “smartphone”. I like the drawing features that it came with and with the stylist it makes things much easier to use with other applications. One of the main applications I use for drawng is SketchBook Pro for Galaxy that came pre-installed on the Note 3. Another one that I use that was previously downloaded for my nexus 7 tablet, is Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android.

Although SketchBook for Galaxy is mainly for the Note 3. They do have on Google Play SketchBook Pro for sale that is basically the same app, I think it cost $4.99.

Now with Adobe Photoshop Touch I bought this mainly for my nexus 7. But it works so much better on N3. It cost $14.99 at the time and personally I think it was well with the money.

They do have a free version called Photoshop Express and basically has photo filters with minor editing tools. Think Instagram with out upload and there you go. I here are some pictures I’ve been working on with these applications, SketchBook and Adobe Photoshop.




I really like the affects and the free drawing style features for both apps. I’m sure I’ll be doing more as time goes on. Now please keep in mind that this in no way will replace the main Adobe PS program on a PC or Apple.  It’s just a tool for when you are on the good. 

Top 5 Modern Comic Games

Comic characters and stories have taken over the entertainment industry in recent years, with heroes from both the DC and Marvel universes alike reentering pop culture bigger, better, and more glamorous than ever. Of course, there will always be comic book purists who dislike the glitzier modern interpretations and prefer the old school editions – but the fact is, these comics are simply too popular to contain these days.


Along those lines, we’ve seen an increasingly significant influx of Marvel and DC characters to the world of video games. There have always been arcade games that use these characters. And these days, we’re even seeing the characters pop up in brand new avenues of gaming. For example, at BetFair Casino a site built for online gambling and primarily involving traditional casino games – you’ll actually find a range of arcade options, including one that uses the Avengers characters as a thematic foundation! You can also find various app games that use popular comic characters and settings.

But one thing we can perhaps all agree on – purists and new fans, mobile phone gamers, console enthusiasts, etc. – is that in terms of gaming adaptations, nothing quite beats some of the modern console renditions. So here are our picks for the 5 best modern console comic gaming experiences.

5. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
This 2011 game was the best in its series, and basically pits every character you could possibly want to fight with against each other. Employing popular Capcom favorites like Ryu against the likes of the Avengers and other Marvel heroes, this game is a blast in mashing two worlds of hero lore together.

4. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
This 2009 game featured the storyline of the Marvel “Civil War” in which the government essentially forces the Marvel heroes into a conflict with each other. Players pick a side and battle it out RPG style in what amounts to one of the best modern console games for those who just want to take their time and enjoy the characters.

3. Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows
This game actually earned so-so reviews, but it’s noteworthy as the first major Spider-Man effort that involved the open world format. Players can enjoy the webslinger in an all new way in this game, swinging around New York City and choosing which missions to complete.

2. Batman: Arkham City
This follow-up to “Arkham Asylum” is a dark but incredibly immersive Batman experience. Featuring a huge variety of story concepts and characters from the Batman comics, as well as an open world format, it’s an amazing way to play Batman.

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us
If you’re looking for a full-on action/adventure experience with all your favorite DC characters, this is the best game on the market. Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and co. make up arguably the best hero gaming experience.