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Alive.. Not Dead…

I have been away for a long time now… Because of that, my Blog is beyond a mess inside and out. It seems that after New Years everything stopped, motivation kinda went out the window.. Not that I wanted to write and share my adventures.. Just when I sit down to write, I look blankly at the screen or become side tracked with something else.

There are also personal reasons why I’ve been away. One of them being the one year anniversary of my Father’s death… I know at some point I’ll dive into more details on everything at a later date.

So! What is missing so far this year? I glad you asked! I would love to show you want I’ve been slacking on hahaha:

Media coverage of Wizard World Portland 2017

Star Wars Book Challenge

Personal rants and raves

Website layout & new logos

Tech Reviews

New Podcast set up

Yeah…. There is a lot of work ahead of me on here. I might go back to basics and fix everything first. Aside from personal life, there is work life that is eating up a lot of time as well. By the time I finish with work, I really don’t want to do anything else hahaha. BUT! Now having said that, I figure I’d write to you all to let you all know I’m alive! I’m not DEAD! I know some of you sent messages saying “hello”, “how are you?” and or, “are you okay?”. I know I didn’t write back to some of you, I’m sorry about that. I haven’t been on social media much as of late..

At any rate, my goal is to get some writing done this week and weekend. I want to finish the website layout too this weekend!! God things are such a mess, it driving my O.C.D nuts!!



Change Is AFoot

I know I’ve post in the beginning of the year, that I was going to make a lot of changes to my site, etc. What I didn’t know, I was going to make some big changes in my life as well. 2016 has been one hell of a year so far. One I care not to relive and can only hope things will get better. I’ve been dealing with my father’s death and trying to fit in with everyone again. Get back to a normal patter I guess.. Problem is I’m not to sure what normal is anymore. It’s almost like to trying to find yourself again, who you were. I miss my Dad so much, I keep wanting to call him and ask him questions. The other day I saw something and wanted to send him a picture of it, because I know he’ll find it funny. Even talk about movies… I still have his number in my phone and can’t bring myself to delete from my contacts. 2016 seems to be a  year of change and challenges…

With this posted I want to share with you some of the changes I made with I an odd way this site is a part of me and showcases who I am and what mood I’m in. My OCD kicked in and cleaned up the menu layout to this:


tumblr_nu762jZH6K1s2fn7xo2_500Home is the main button and will take you back to the main page. Wizard World Press has everything I covered at Wizard World Comic Con and the Star Trek Challenge will take you on an adventure through all the Trek novels I’ve been reading this past year(Good luck.. You’re going to need it.). Podcast is a list of every podcast I’ve been apart of or currently working on, this one as a drop down menu when you hover your mouse over it. Now we have Pandora’s Box.. I’ll make a list below for you:


Now Authors as another mini menu that will pop out and give a list of people have taken part in Same thing with Gallery & Mix, there is a mini menu that will pop out when hovering over it. Source Index is a page with all the information that I use for posts and things I share from other bloggers and websites. It’s easier to do it this way and it’s instant credit to everyone. Links is another upfront page I made share links to websites that I rather enjoy and again it also serves as another Source Index kinda.

Cleaned up the side panels a bit, so everything will flow better. Also I have a few new banners and logos that were made this year, by some great friends and family as well as myself. I do have logo I would like to show you guys, but I have yet to pay for it. Money has became rather tight at the moment do to the trip to California for my Father. A lot of things were put on the back burner, some project I think I’ll never get back to again. It’s just to much for me to handle at this point. It’s hard enough to work and go out in public. I found myself having a small panic attack at the store for whatever reason.. I just knew I had to leave.. Sorry going off on a bunny trail here, back to the new logos. At any ate I’m putting a creative change into this site and art around it, so there is the new banner for the website:

NerdyLifeWordpressNerdyLifeFacebookI rather enjoy these new banners and thank you to for make font and other logo designs. Here are some more he made in the past:

Twitter NLOM2 nlomjrIt’s always fun to look back at everything you made. Here are some pictures/logos I made for the site:

website-2.jpgNerdy Life Of Mine pix I’ll be make more changes as time goes on this year. But I figured this will be a good start, not only fr the site. But for myself as well, I find it claiming and another way to reinvent oneself.. Hope you all enjoy the new logos/banners! Please let me know what you think in the comment box below :).

Today Assignment: “Love Your Theme”

Here we are asked to look at our theme and make some changes. Or if we haven’t started anything yet with the blog, go through and pick one out that we are happy with and take it from there.

Now I’ve changed themes over the years and currently I rather enjoy the theme and lay out. I’m am in the middle of working on getting new logos made for my site. Like a new banner/header or a side button or a profile picture, even a new background (maybe). I have made posts in the past about going over the history of my site and the changes that have taken place.

It’s always fun to change things up once in awhile. But not to much I have found. It’s always good to have some familiar elements for people, sometimes a complete overhaul might be a little off putting for most.

I believe your blog should be a part of you and who you are. Therefore it should represent all that you are and also evolve with you. Because as we get older our ideas and tastes change. It seems natural right? I mean here are some picture I’ve used in the past for my site:

Nerdy Life Of Minecropped-nerdy-life-of-mine-3.jpg Twitter back Twitter pix The last two are using right now. I do have three other logos that are coming up soon. I just don’t want to show off just yet. Waiting till I have everything together and make sure everything lines up.

Yep… Blog, Blog, Blog

Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks Special: Interview with a Dorkette!!!

Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks: Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks Special: Interview with a Dorkette!!!.

So some of my friends and fellow podcasters did an interview. Here is the link. Go over and give it a read!!

Eclectic Mayhem Podcast Eps 3: Robo Armageddon!

EM Logo (2)

J5 and SicoWhat would happen if Skynet built Johnny 5? Is Benny the Cab a robot? Or which is the worst robot ever: Val Com 17485 or Box? What about Torg or Mudflap and Skids?

These are the questions that come up in this podcast! We also have a debate over the Go-Bots being the “Poor-Man’s Transformers”… enjoy the show!!

Like I posted before: HERE is the robot podcast!! So for our next podcast on EMP, we’ll be going around a theme of robots. Kinda like who is your favorite all time robot or who is the most evil robot out there? OR if you get stuck on a island and had to pick one robot to be stuck with, who would you pick? Who would win in a fight: Johnny 5 or Sico(the Rocky IV robot)? You know, the important questions. OOOOOOO! Or if you can build your own robot what would it have and look like? Oh I’m sure there will be random bunny trails and off topic conversations happening. But that is the beauty of this podcast, it doesn’t matter what we are talking about. Anything goes! Read More @ Eclectic Mayhem Podcast

After the Robot eps we will have our Saturday Morning Cartoons EPS!!! A fantastic and one of my favorite podcast so far. I posted an update a few days ago about this @ Oh My…. Please feel free to read on and listen to the ear bleeding good time that is Eclectic Mayhem Podcast!

Check Out: D.I. Treasures: Army Men vs Cavemen (vs Realistic Dinosaurs)

Check Mason Allen blog called D.I. Treasures. A great blog to go down memory lane and or looking for a good laugh. You have everything from Pez, Lego, X-men, Transformers, Plastic Army Men, ETC. Here is a post Mason made about Army Men vs Cavemen that I loved. Mostly because as a kid I would have Army Men and Dinosaurs fight each other all the time.

~Jason Bucky Roberts

D.I. Treasures: Army Men vs Cavemen (vs Realistic Dinosaurs).

“Another recent tube o’ figs released by Imperial, it’s Army Men vs Cavemen! The army men are the plain old green army men we all know and love, nothing to get excited about.  The cavemen on the other hand are pretty neat.”

Check Out! Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks: A Tour of the “Geek Cave”

Come and check out my friend/Co-Host Derek Ash blog!!

Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks: A Tour of the “Geek Cave”: This one’s a doozy folks!.

“Welcome to a very special edition of Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks!!! Today I’ll be walking you through the Goodwill Geek Cave as it currently exists (I’ve done this before..”

Blogger Spot! Diary of a Dorkette: March 2015 Heroic Hottie!

If you haven’t checked out Miss M’s Blog Dairy of a Dorkette, then shame on you. The whole blog is great from beginning to end, recreating the odd, funny moments in her life with toys and other action figures. Miss M also write at Nerd Society I recommend checking her out!!

Diary of a Dorkette: March 2015 Heroic Hottie!.

Editor’s note: What you are about to read is based off of partially true events. Miss M recently began the process of dating and putting herself back on the market months ago. Some of her more disastrous dates will be played out in toy form for the world to see. And judge.”


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