Life Update & Soapbox Rant

“Stupidity is an elemental force for which no earthquake is a match.”-Karl Kraus

I know I haven’t been to active on here as much as normal. Believe me I want to write about certain topics. But do to the advisement of my lawyer, at least for the time being…. I should not…. What I can say is that I’ve been going through a rather LONG custody case for my two kids. With the COVID-19 going on, it’s taken even longer. So with out naming people or relations, I will try and continue with this post.

*spaces out on keyboard* Ugh… I really want to write about this.. But I can’t…

What I can say is… My kids are happy and health. While with the current events are less than ideal, we’ve made do with what we can. In the beginning of all this, the kids and I worked together on their school work. I have to say that was a crash course for me haha, I haven’t had to do algebra in YEARS! But we did it and they finished the school year. Summer has been interesting to say the least. I felt bad for the kids, not being able to see their friends or other family members in the start of summer. They are rather resourceful and found ways to have communication between friends. Towards the end of July we were able to have a small family visit or overnights with Grandma & Grandpa. We even made a few trips to the river & beach.

But with August coming to an end and school is now going to be starting up soon. It’s interesting to see how the local school systems are trying to work out a system. Right now it looks like we are going a online/at home schooling mode again. At least the teachers are going be more active and have set hours through out the day. I know last time my brother(who is a teacher) helped me & the kids with a lot of things. They say in October they are to have a meeting and see where things are at with the COVID-19. To see if going back into the classroom is even an option.

For the last few months I have become a stay at home Father and I have to stay it’s a little weird hahaha. Yet I’m glad things worked out the way it did, I’m able to be here with the kids and make sure they are on track, do their chores or just help them out if needed. Ugh.. I really wish I can write about some of the events that going on. It’s kinda eating at me and is beyond frustrating. I am thankful for the people around me who are helping me work through all this.

Having this time with my kids has shown me on how much they have changed. How their personalities and style have grown. It tripped me out the other day, having a full on conversation with my oldest about that is happening in the world. Realizing that they aren’t babies anymore. Also making me realized I’m getting old hahaha.

This has also made me look at things in a different way. Like with this blog for example.. I do fell I kinda lost my way with the blog and I’m not to sure where it’s going. I’ve had this blog for over 10 years and I originally started it as a venting stage or help single parents with tips and tricks. As well as share in my nerdy fandoms and that evolved into working for Wizard World Comic Con on media coverage, writing reviews on tech gadgets, book reviews, having interviews with icons. This also took me down the path of podcasting and getting into radio. I would have never thought in a million years that this little website would open so many doors for me.

Maybe I do need to change things up a bit on here, just not sure where..? Right now I have two topics that going on, the Unboxing and Middle Earth Challenge. I think another problem I have is I stuck in what I call micro blog, A.K.A. Twitter. I know for sure that has messed things up for my blog. It’s just so easy to fire off a few lines and have conversations with people and/or share things. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestion that would help? I feel like I hit a road block here.

At any rate, thank you for taking the time and reading though this mess hahaha.

-Jason Roberts

Other Assignments

1: Say Hello to the Neighbors

There are a number of blogs that I follow that helped me find the path I wanted to take. Just didn’t know how haha.

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Hello, my name is Sean Ian Mills, and I am a self-proclaimed geek, nerd, dork and all of the above. Somehow, through the magic of the Internet, you have stumbled upon my blog. Good for you. You are now at least 20% cooler than everyone else in your life. I am the Henchman-4-Hire, and this is my own little corner of these Internets, where I blather on about comic books, movies, video games, superheroes and anything else that crosses my wee little mind.

Team Hellions began in 2007.  Originally a way to collect and share information on Cloverfield (yes, that was the inspiration, crazy I know) the site very quickly morphed into something else.  Over the years the site has become a source and destination for discussion on comic books, wrestling, books, movies and more in the worlds of geek and pop culture.   In this journey millions of readers have come to this site…..

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What is funny, I use to follow these bloggers and and never thought I would be come friends with them. But we’ve become the best of friends and find ourselves doing a lot of projects with each other. So if you find yourself with sometime to kill or looking for ideas. I’d say give these bloggers a look over/read, they are a lot of fun and full of knowledge.

2: Identify Your Audience

With this assignment we are to write about,”hoping that someone in particular will see (and appreciate) our work.” It’s an interesting idea to write for only one person or a group of people in mind. I don’t think I have ever really done that. I mean with my Star Trek Book Challenge I guess you can say I’m writing those for a certain group of people/fans. But at the same time I share it with everyone to read.

My audience…. I never really thought of having one person read my blog. Or I should say hoping for a certain someone read my blog… I really made it for me and my life. I’m sharing it with everyone who is willing to sit there and read or listen. Oh sure it’s great when one of your hero’s or what have you, find your site and like something. Don’t get me wrong! But I really made this for myself and share my stories. I know some of them have helped people with parenting or design or just everyday life.

I like to have fun with my blog and I hope it shows. I think it shows.