Worst Game Ever

I have never had this bad of a game in Ticket to Ride... They didn't even complete any routes.  They just kept blocking my paths.

It Came!

Munchkin: The Guild Expansion! Yay!! Can't wait to start playing! Rather shocked on fast the shipping was, just got the email notice yesterday haha. Now I just need to get the game board for this game, just for fun. By Jason Bucky Roberts

It’s Almost Here!

Yay! Can't wait, love/miss this show  :-(. Hope/wishful thinking that they make another season. By Jason Bucky Roberts

Random TableTop Night

So we had a random little TableTop night at my girlfriend"s parent's place. Started off with Small World, I picked Wealthy Halfings and made a nice little corner for myself on the map. So after 3 rounds flipped them and took Dragon Master Barbarians and took out the Amazons and a few Leprechauns (just because …