A Little Late: 2017 Chris Lockhart Christmas Special (TGFS Ep #39)

Due to technical difficulties the final episode of 2017 for Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes Volume 2 will not be available until next week before New Years. On that episode we are discussing some comic book movies we are eager to watch in 2018. Join Chris Lockhart, Calvin Heighton and Jason Roberts as they discuss Christmas Trivia for this years installment of the Chris Lockhart Christmas Special. 6 years and counting!

Source: 2017 Chris Lockhart Christmas Special (TGFS Ep #39)

It’s That Time Of Year Again!! Christmas Special Podcast!

dc-heroes-christmasIt’s the Christmas Special podcast!!! Full of music, geeky Christmas carol and many special guests!! Come check it out and click the link below for the podcast!

RNS3 Ep #4: 2015 Chris Lockhart Christmas Special

The 4th Annual Chris Lockhart Christmas Special! Christmas has come early for you podcast listener on episode 4 of Random Nerdness Season 3. Chris has a number of guests joining him to share some festive cheer including: Shelby Lockhart, Dave Kish, The Nerd Lunch podcast, Calvin Heighton, Lillian Wood, Joe Harvey and the Eclectic Mayhem podcast. We also have Christmas songs, a classic geek Christmas carol and some bacon pancakes!  We discuss Christmas Vacations (and some Alberta Comic Con talk).

WARNING: Explicit Tag earned on this episode!

Have a happy holiday season podcast listeners!