Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes EP #19 COMIC BOOKS IN “OTHER MEDIA”

Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes.

In this all-new episode of ‘Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes’ we are discussing comic books in other media.  Host Chris Lockhart is joined with Chris Gaida, Erik Johnson and Brian Farrell.

Welcome to reading comic books!



Geek Fallout.

Episode 77 is hosted this week by Chris Lockhart. He is joined in the GF studios with Brian Farrell and Derek Ash. As always we cover geek headlines and our Top 5 is all time animated movies. As an added bonus Chris starts a new segment called ‘Douchebag of the week’. Who is it and why? Listen and find out!

This podcast is an RN/GF Podcast Production in association with the Atomic Geeks Podcast Network.

Podcast Schedule!!

(* This is the schedule as is so far. I will be making updates as they come up!*)

Thursday March 27th GF: The Comic Book Episodes Ep 6: Special look back on ‘GI Joe’ 9pm EST/7pm MST start time (with Chris, Chris, Jason, Shawn Robare)

Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes Podcast Schedule April 2014:

Episode #7 Thursday April 3rd, 9pm EST. In Depth Discussion: Archie Comics!! With Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida, Jason Roberts

Episode #8 Wednesday April 23rd, 9pm EST. In Depth Discussion: Favorite Characters and storylines featuring them (with guest AJ Maggot). With Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida, Jason Roberts

Each Episode:

– Segment: Comic News

Bring a news item (or two) that peaks your interest to share

– Segment: Picks &/or Pans Hosts & Guests each pick 2 comic books (past or present) they want to discuss either as a pick or a pan (or 1 of each)

– Segment: In Depth Discussion

Random Nerdness Podcast Schedule April 2014

Episode #30 Wednesday April 2nd, 9pm EST. In Depth Discussion: Discussion on She-Ra. With Chris Lockhart, MissM, (Christopher Gaida, Jason Roberts.

Episode #31 Wednesday April 16th, 9pm EST. In Depth Discussion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80’s cartoon, comics, new cartoons, movies). With Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida, Jason Roberts

So I’ll be Co-Host for the Podcast over at Geek Fallout!!

We’ll be going over comic news, an in depth discussion about comic books, characters or series. We will also do a “Pick or Pan”. Down below you can find the links to the website where you can listen to the show or download them to any device. I’ll also add a little Bio about each Podcast:


Geek Fallout The Comic Book Episodes: The crew (Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida and Jason Roberts) are joined my Michael ‘Digio’ Digiovanni, one of the Podfathers of the Atomic Geeks Podcast Network. We are discussing our favorite comic book characters, comic news, picks and pans and finally an in depth discussion on Graphic Novels!!


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