Random Nerdness Podcast Ep #3: Getting to know the podcasters, Pt I



Random Nerdness Podcast.

Host Jason Roberts leads the discussion in part one of our ‘Getting to know the podcasters’ episodes. Jason is joined by Carly Vore, MissM, Erik Johnson, Brian Farrell and Chris Lockhart. Jason asks these podcasters questions that will help you the listener to get to know us better. All of us can be heard on the various podcasts that make up RN/GF Podcast Productions: Geek Fallout, Geek Fallout The Comic Book Episodes, Random Nerdness and Trek1701 A ‘Star Trek’ podcast.

Geek Fallout Ep #105 Catching up on TV


Geek Fallout.

After some news discussion the crew of the ‘Geek Fallout’ podcast is discussing TV shows, more specifically what we are watching right now. Gotham, Constantine, Boardwalk Empire, Flash, Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, The Walking Dead and Doctor Who are some of the TV series we focus on.

Chris Lockhart takes the hosting reigns and is joined on the show by Carly Vore, Evan Hanson, Jason Roberts, Chris Gaida and Erik Johnson.

Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes


Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes.

With the blessing of Christian Neilson from ‘The Atomic Geeks Podcast’ the crew of GF: The Comic Book Episodes is making a trip to the fabled ‘Atomic Geeks Super Fight Dome’. Host Chris Lockhart is the ringmaster for this episode with Chris Gaida and Erik Johnson co-ordinating the matches. The matches break down as follows:

– Blade Vs. Constantine

– He-Man Vs. Doctor Doom

– Martian Manhunter Vs. Captain Ultra

With the winners of each of the above matches duking it out in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!!!

We also have ‘honorable matches’ which include: Quasar Vs. Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Power Girl Vs. She-Hulk & Darkseid Vs. Thanos.

We also discuss the Marvel movie announcements!!!