Six cyberpunk movies that’ll jack you into the matrix — Mutant Reviewers

I know I have post a couple of these movies in my Cyberpunk Challenge. But this review/list done by Mutant Reviewers, is rather spot on. If you have some time I give it a read.

Mash together gritty settings, body modification, future tech, film noir, and continent-sweeping cities to make yourself some cyberpunk stew. Here are six movies that look at the seedier side of the future: Blade Runner (1982) From our review: “Ridley Scott’s visual sense is at it’s best here, drawing inspiration from Mayan temples to microchip design. […]

Six cyberpunk movies that’ll jack you into the matrix — Mutant Reviewers

Cyberpunk Challenge: All the Cyber Loot & Update

This is one of the posts that got pushed back due to real life issues. At the time when I found these items. My son and I were having a Father & Son day. We went by Gamestop and I saw that Funko had made Blade Runner Pop Heads. Really didn’t even think about it haha. They only had the four and I grabbed right away. Also found a Johnny Silverhand for $7 bucks.

I am still reading Into Neon by Matthew A. Goodwin. Sadly like a lot of planned topics and events, were either stopped or canceled all together. Hopefully I’ll have into Neon and Neuromancer finished here soon… I’m slowly getting back in to the swing of things for the time being. Plus I’ve been involved with the game Cyberpunk 2077 and Valheim(not cyberpunk related). This would be my second play through on Cyberpunk 2077 and this time I’m going Corpo, first play through was a Street Kid. So far things are rather different, also I haven’t even touched the main story line and have been running side missions and sub story lines.

Also I figured I would share my Cyberpunk theme station/playlist on Spotify. In the coming days I’ll be making more posts for the Cyberpunk Challenge, as well as others. Enjoy!

Cyberpunk Challenge: Cyberpunk [1990] Documentary

CYBERPUNK is Marianne Trench’s stylistic documentary about the cyberpunk movement of the 1980s. William Gibson, author of cyberpunk classic Neuromancer, and Timothy Leary, famous advocate of psychedelic drugs, share their thoughts on the future of society and technology.

While looking a bit dated now, this film provides an interesting insight into the cyberpunk movement of the 80’s. The feeling at the time was there was some overlap between this new technical age we were entering vs the counter culture of the 1960s.

This has been upscaled to 720P from the original. Enjoy and comment if you like this type of thing (I have m ore on VHS).

Director: Marianne Trench
Stars: William Gibson, Timothy Leary, Annette Hunt

Cyberpunk Challenge 2021 Uploading

So I think I have found my newest little challenge, now that I am done with Middle Earth. With Cyberpunk I wanted to go over the world as a whole. Novels, games, movies and music. Cyberpunk history and /or over all genre has always been a favorite of mine, ever since I was a kid. Plus not to mention I’ve been completely enthralled with Cyberpunk 2077 as of late haha. So my goal is at least once or twice a week, I’ll be sharing my newest finds or share some history about Cyberpunk. Haven’t thought of how I wanted to end this… I’ll get to that point soon.. Maybe with it off with the William Gibson Sprawl series.. We’ll see..