Thor… A Woman Now?

So I was going to jump on the whole female Thor conversion the other day when the news is released from Marvel. It seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and I wanted to read through some of the articles get some other points of view. Also the fact I had a podcast come up/retake for The Incredible Hulk which you guys should check out.

Now I don’t really have a problem with the whole gender swap. I mean did it with Wasp, Captain Marvel, even had a lady Deadpool, Batwoman, Lady Punisher at one point. I know there is a rumor going around that Marvel is going forward with the idea of making Dr Doom a woman. The only problem I have, is you have his character set in stone for decades and it seems like everybody wants to reboot or rehash something that has no problems. If it’s not broken don’t fix it. What I would like to see is for DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse to come up with some original characters.


At first when  I  heard about them changing Thor I was a little annoyed, then the other half of me was kind of excited. That’s if they did  it correctly and not make it so she is just going to be in a skimpy chainmail outfit running around with a big hammer. But looking at the pictures of the released, I’m actually excited. That it is an actually a functional costume, like the new outfit for the new Batgirl.

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Its all functional there’s a purpose for everything and not just tight spandex or some skimpy outfits. Cuz I been looking around for superheroes that are women so I can show them to my little girl. I  mean you have your staples like: Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, it’s just a little hard to find some strong female figures and stuff that she can relate to. Just to show not everything is guy dominated. She recently got into She-Hulk and really loves she her. But I think having Thor as a woman might open a lot more doors specially for the younger girls.

The story plot for Thor  interesting and I’m not sure how well it’s going to translate. Because from my understanding it seems like Thor has lost the ability to control the hammer and or has lost his powers. The female that is taking his place, I guess Thor had saved her at some point. She later becomes obsessed with Thor, and surrounds her life with all things Thor. Somehow she gets the ability to control/wheeled Thor’s power and hammer. If this is true, because the internet is always full of rumors and it’s kind of a crap shoot on what is fact or what is fake.  The story seems kind of a weak., But we won’t know for sure until comes out. But I for one will be picking this up and giving it a chance. I’ll also will definitely show my little girl this comic. I showed her pictures of it the other day and she’s really excited about it.


I think in our next podcast we’ll be bringing this up as a news piece and probably have round table discussion. So I’ll be keeping you updated on that.

So what are your guys’s thoughts on this?

Do you think the comic companies should just come up with whole new characters rather than rebooting the old classic ones?

Leave your thoughts and comments below and we’ll definitely respond to them.


Assignment From The League: Hake’s Auction!


This week’s assignment we were given permission to reproduce any of Hake’s American & Collectibles images on our blogs! So with amazing photos of pop culture collectibles  at Hake’s American & Collectibles we’re helping them  kicking off their latest auction today (June 24).  Hake’s will select one participating blog from this assignment to WIN $100 to use in this auction or in a future one!


Item Description:

V Enemy Visitor Box contains 12” tall poseable figure by LJN ©1984 Warner Bros. Designed with “lizard” head that has extendable tongue. Comes with human mask, guns and sunglasses. Lightest corner tip wear, figure is still sealed in box with original tape strips. Exc. with Mint contents.

001_big (1)

Item Description:

6.25×9.5” blister card contains 69 glass marbles and one shooter. Imperial Toy Corp. ©1979 Universal City Studios Inc. The high relief blister is formed to represent Twiki. Card has slight warp but remains clean and Exc. with Mint contents. Price: $25.00


Item Description:

Two 7×9.25″ blister cards contain 4-5/8″ tall action figures w/accessories (including mini comic book w/Superman) and arm action when legs are squeezed together. Canadian issue. Kenner. ©1984-1985 DC Comics, Inc. Included is Superman on 12-Back Canadian card w/”Super Powers” poster offer and Shazam! (Captain Marvel) on Canadian 33-Back card w/unproduced “Tower Of Darkness” playset pictured. Both cards have been punched and each blister has yellowed w/age (inner Shazam! blister insert) though each remains firmly affixed to cards. Cards have original store price stickers and large “Red Tag Special” clearance stickers noting sale price of $1.91″ apiece. Cards have some lt. handling wear w/corner/edge wear. Superman card is Fine, Shazam! card is VF. Superman has some minor age frosting to one arm but is o/w Exc. Shazam! remains Mint as packaged. (H – $200 to $400)

001_big (2)

Item Description:

2x10x14″ box with flap. ©1977 DC Comics. Item #81302. 9″ tall Robin The Boy Wonder scaled for the 12″ figure line. Mego had released a 12″ tall Magnetic Robin and non-magnetic version of the same figure, however this figure was made to be smaller in stature than the Batman figure using the same body used for the Flash Gordon series of figures. Original tape no longer present on box but figure is NRFB. Box has lt. wear/creasing on front flap and lt. wear to edges. Small litho loss on top flap from price sticker. Still displays VF/Exc. Figure is old store stock example. He has a crack on top of feet which is very common on this issue. Still has “R” emblem on chest. Still NM. A beautiful example of possibly the hardest to find Mego in the 12″ line. (I – $400 to $700)

001_big (3)

Item Description:

Window box holds 12.5″ tall figure ©1979 DC Comics. Box shows other 12.5″ figures of Superman and Robin. This box has completely different artwork than Burbank toys version (item #2143). Thin style body with sticker chest emblem and vinyl cape. Thin vinyl belt and oven mitt gloves. Window is still firmly attached. Front flap has never been folded over. Lt. indent below window on box with some creasing. Small litho pull on back from glue. Box has been opened, but figure is still attached to original insert. VF with Mint figure as packaged. (G – $100 to $200)

001_big (4)

Item Description:

Lot of five, including “Heroic Warriors” figures – “Heroic Court Jester” Orko, “Heroic Mechanical Warrior” Roboto, “Heroic Water-Blasting Firefighter” Snout Spout, “Heroic Master Of Extension” Extendar and “Evil Warrior” Blast-Attak who is touted as “Evil Blast-Apart Warrior.” Mattel, ©1983-1986. All but Snout Spout, Extendar and Blast-Attak come on 12-Back cards, although each has differing character configurations. Snout Spout is on 11-Back card, Extendar is on 10-Back card and Blast-Attak is on 8-Back card. Each is complete as issued w/weapons/armor accessories and mini-comic books. Roboto and Blast-Attak cards are unpunched. Snout Spout and Extendar have original store price stickers, including large “Red Tag Special” clearance sticker on Extendar. All blisters remain firmly affixed to punched cards. Orko and Roboto blisters have yellowed w/age. All cards but Snout Spout card have some scattered wear w/warping and are Fine-VF overall. Snout Spout card has obvious wear w/creasing and corner tip wear. Good/VG. All figures are Mint as packaged. (H – $200 to $400)

001_big (5)

Item Description:

Kenner’s “Star Wars Micro Collection” was a short-lived toy series issued in the early 1980s. While each production Micro figure was just over an inch in height, during pre-production, the Micro figures were sculpted in either wax or acetate at four times their production size, in order to allow their sculptors to achieve a greater degree of detail. Offered here is the unpainted 4-Up Hardcopy Boba Fett figure from the “Bespin Freeze Chamber” playset. This is actual example shown in the Limited Edition slipcase edition of “Tomart’s Price Guide To Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles.” (see Tom Tumbusch’s statement on this piece below). Prototype stands 5.5″ tall and depicts the popular Star Wars bounty hunter holding his blaster rifle. Acetate figure is lt. blue in color w/some aging to front half and some small scattered spots of discoloration to top of helmet, shoulder and hand. VF overall. Comes w/matching production Boba Fett Micro figure. NM. Very rare pre-production prototype.

Tom Tumbusch Statement:

Star Wars prototype collectors somehow got the idea that all prototypes for the Star Wars Micro-Collection were made of Dynacast, a dark green material. In 1978, Kenner hired a new head sculptor named Rudy Vap, who didn’t like Dynacast. In an interview with Action Figure Digest magazine Vap stated, “we needed something cleaner and easier to work with. Dynacast was a porous material. It was not good for pressure casting.” So Vap began experimenting with different materials colored with blue dye. The material used on the very first Micro- Collection pieces were Dynacast. The oversize figure prototypes for the unproduced Bespin Torture Chamber, Death Star, and Boiler Room were produced with experimental materials. I have owned them and have photos of them. I have never seen them in Dynacast. The Micro- Collection sets produced under Vap’s direction have figure prototypes in Dynacast and experimental materials.

This is the information I received from Kenner’s man in charge when these prototypes were produced and have signed a certificate of authenticity on this piece.

– Tom Tumbusch

If you believe otherwise, please do not bid on this item.

001_big (6)

Item Description:

Official 26×37″ US Treasury poster features C.C. Beall’s painted version of Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photograph of Marines raising the American flag on Mt. Suribachi. “7th War Loan – Now..All Together” text at bottom. Printed by The US Government Printing Office. Poster has been folded and fold lines show lt. wear w/1″ tear at top center vertical fold, but poster is o/w Exc. (H – $200 to $400)

Going through Hake’s American & Collectibles I found I had or still do have a number of these collectibles/toy. It brought back so many memories :). So while putting this post together for the League, I thought I’d take some pictures of some of the collectibles I have that are new or survived my childhood HAHA! Hope you all enjoyed this post!! Go check out Hake’s American & Collectibles

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Podcast Schedule!!

(* This is the schedule as is so far. I will be making updates as they come up!*)

Thursday March 27th GF: The Comic Book Episodes Ep 6: Special look back on ‘GI Joe’ 9pm EST/7pm MST start time (with Chris, Chris, Jason, Shawn Robare)

Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes Podcast Schedule April 2014:

Episode #7 Thursday April 3rd, 9pm EST. In Depth Discussion: Archie Comics!! With Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida, Jason Roberts

Episode #8 Wednesday April 23rd, 9pm EST. In Depth Discussion: Favorite Characters and storylines featuring them (with guest AJ Maggot). With Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida, Jason Roberts

Each Episode:

– Segment: Comic News

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– Segment: Picks &/or Pans Hosts & Guests each pick 2 comic books (past or present) they want to discuss either as a pick or a pan (or 1 of each)

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Random Nerdness Podcast Schedule April 2014

Episode #30 Wednesday April 2nd, 9pm EST. In Depth Discussion: Discussion on She-Ra. With Chris Lockhart, MissM, (Christopher Gaida, Jason Roberts.

Episode #31 Wednesday April 16th, 9pm EST. In Depth Discussion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80’s cartoon, comics, new cartoons, movies). With Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida, Jason Roberts

So I’ll be Co-Host for the Podcast over at Geek Fallout!!

We’ll be going over comic news, an in depth discussion about comic books, characters or series. We will also do a “Pick or Pan”. Down below you can find the links to the website where you can listen to the show or download them to any device. I’ll also add a little Bio about each Podcast:


Geek Fallout The Comic Book Episodes: The crew (Chris Lockhart, Christopher Gaida and Jason Roberts) are joined my Michael ‘Digio’ Digiovanni, one of the Podfathers of the Atomic Geeks Podcast Network. We are discussing our favorite comic book characters, comic news, picks and pans and finally an in depth discussion on Graphic Novels!!


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