So This Is A Thing… Christmas Fail

So me and my girlfriend found this little gem at the store… It’s in the middle of October! Why would you make this? I mean, I’m always up for a good fart joke. But this is tragic and cruel haha. Plus it costs 16 bucks! Really?!?

For All Your Poop Needs

Yes…. You read that correctly. So earlier tonight we were picking up some baking good and then thought we’d walk around. 
Then Carly found these…..




Why? Why in the world would you make something like this? You can even make little bits of corn to put into the poop. Why? It wasn’t even in a joke section, it was in with the normal toy section with Transformers and Spider-Man haha. Why?

Baller You Say?

So we went to the store the other night. Then I happen to look in the parking spot behind us and saw this….


Really? It looked like a early 90’s Mazda haha. Couldn’t really tell do to the icons being ripped off. There were no “upgrades” of any kind. Just a car… I just hope it was done with irony in mind haha. But knowing the area I’m in, it’s most likely not. Let alone knowing what “irony” means ;). I still think the best one so far that I’ve seen. Is this 5 ft ginger with baggy pants that are WAY to big for him. Having to hold them with one hand, Also wearing Raiders jersey that said “Player 69” on the back. Of course he was wearing a hat with all the stickers still attached to it. Best of all…. He steps out of a mini-van that his MOM was driving. Need I say more? 

Get a Clue Comcast… Wow


While perusing through the news, I saw this little article about Ryan Block and his dramatic affair to cancel the service with Comcast.
Over the phone I personally bad experiences like this. But I think what Ryan did was smart and actually recorded the conversation. Where as myself just kind of knuckle down and push through the process.
The recorded conversation comes in about 10 minutes of the phone call and last for about another 10 minutes. Which means in total time on the phone call about 20 minutes long. From my understanding is his wife was the first to call. That’s when Ryan took over the call do to the rep argue with her and  that’s when everything started recording.
It’s literally insane on how persistent this Comcast Customer Service Representative is. I mean I’ve had some bad ones. Repeat yourself two or three times. The worst case scenario I maybe had to state my business like 4 or 5. But this was like on going and just wouldn’t shut up. Plus adding a guilt trip to the call is just insane.
So here is the sound bit from the call and the response from his Twitter posts.

comcast fail 2

comcast fail