Distance learning Is Over.. For now..?

So the other day my little ones finally finished school. With COVID-19 going on, the way of life has changed in number of ways. It started with the with the kids with no school and “Distance Learning” was put into place.  With that going on, I had to make a learning plan for both of my kids that would equal their grade level of education. Plus at the time maintain my normal work schedule. But that was about to change as well, because the following month I was out of work do to COVID-19(I’m a Sous Chef and restaurants took the hardest hit) . Now with the added stress of financial adulting to recover the lost income.


The up side was, I was able to put all my focus on the kids and their learning plans. It was till after the second week, the public school system finally sent out work books for both kids and was able to work with the teachers for daily assignments. While my youngest was easier to set up, because he only had one teacher. My oldest proved to be a little more difficult at first, do to having multiple teachers and subjects. But once we got Google classroom set up for both kids and they were to video chat with their teachers, things became easier. After 3 months of hard work and we finally made to the end of the school year. I am happy to say that Jackson is now moving to the 6th and Lilly is now moving to the 8th grade!!

I really didn’t see the school year or normal everyday life to be like this. Even tho the kids made it the finish line, there seems to be an element of sadness. Not being with their friends and/or classmates at this time. The kids having to maintain friendships have changed as well. As some parents don’t want others to come or they don’t want to travel. Plus not having some parks or shops closed because of COVID-19 as really put a handicap on their normal life. While things are starting to SLOWLY re-open. It’s interesting to me to see how they have managed to keep their friendships going.  My oldest does a lot of face-time with her friends. They read and act things out, they do art project with each other. Even make video edits back and forth. My youngest has done the same thing as well. Being able to link his face-time and play video games or talk about movies.

When the need to get away from technology we started up a garden in the backyard and they both have a plant that they need to take care of. We managed to go to the beach not that long ago and it was fun to watch them go nuts and run from one place to another lol. But school is now currently done! The following school year is unknown if  it will start off with “Distance Learning ” and then go into normal classroom/school environment. Or start up as normal, the email that was sent from the local school system here, said they did not know at this time. Not till August they will know more and inform everyone. Till then we can relax and enjoy what we can. We do have some family events coming up and some small BBQ, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with 4th of July or other holidays.

But they did it! They finished school and I couldn’t be more happy for them. Some much hard work and personal development over these few months. I think they are amazing, well I am their Father. I think that regardless hahaha.

It’s Family

Spent most of my day doing family history. Just finished going through at least 3 generations of photography. End game is to get them into organized photo albums.

What Was Once Thought Lost

So I have written about this a few times now. About the autographs that my father gave me of the cast of Star Trek. How Shatner’s and Nimoy went missing or worst yet, STOLEN .. I even meet William Shatner and told him the whole story about it. Shanter even talked with my Father over the phone about it hahaha.

A Small Conversation With William Shatner & Bob Camp At Wizard World

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek Book Challenge

I know there are a few more post that I have written. But for the life of me, I can not find them haha. Anyways, as I finish up moving. I found a little piece of blueish green paper stuck to the bottom of a old cigar box… Could it be?!? I disbelieve I handed the paper over to my girlfriend to make sure. It was William Shatner autograph!! So I now have my Father’s original autograph, plus mine.

Sadly I am still missing Nimoy and the pictures.. But I fear it maybe to late for his autograph. Unless I pay an ungodly amount of money.. Worst part is the missing pictures, they are family memories. Why would anyone take those? But this is a rather small happy ending, bittersweet if you will.

Nerdy Shenanigans & Other Life Updates

So this year as been rather busy for myself and for all the good reasons. So later this week I’ll been moving in with my girlfriend or at least starting to move stuff. Plus we’ve been trying to have our anniversary trip now for better part of a month now. Kept having to changed the date do to work and or moving. But I think we finally locked a date in haha.

Also while all this is going on, I’ve gotten back into podcasting. The New Geek Fallout and a new podcast called The Pop Culture Hindsight. I’m rather looking forward to this podcast, mostly do to the fact it’s with Chris Lockhart. Plus Lots of Wizard World stories and other media coverage. I’ve also start something new called The Daily Nerdy Life, it’s a news web page that pulls and shares other blogs, posts, etc. from all over. Something to help new bloggers and old. It has everything from comics, movies and video games. As well as all things pop culture.

In addition to all this, I am also working on a new blog call ASTRO BLog GO!! The main focus of this blog is cartoons and artwork of all kinds, and also share my artwork. Which is something I haven’t done in a long, long time. Just something different from Nerdy Life Of Mine and fun. So yeah.. LOTS of new events going on and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Twitter: @iRoberts3

Instagram: @nerdylifeofmine

P.S. I’m also writing my book in between all this, it’s based around my life and all the fun/weird things that have happened to me. I’ll release more information about it as time goes on.

5 Books That Every Parent Should Read with Their Kids

Star Trek and Star Wars Book Challenges are fascinating dive into some of our favorite universes, but just because you’re busy reading them doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy sharing some (hopefully nerdy) reading time with your family. Reading with your child is one of the most important things you can do as a parent to promote literacy, cultivate a love of learning, and nurture bonding. Here are five tried and true books aimed at a wide range of age levels that are exceptional choices for parent-child read-aloud:

WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS BY SHEL SILVERSTEIN: This traditional collection of children’s poems is the ideal book to introduce children to the beautiful world of poetry. By combining profound stories with fanciful characters and humor, Silverstein has created a beloved masterpiece partnered with imaginative illustrations.

HARRY POTTER BY (Series) J.K. ROWLING: This venerable series of fantasy novels is a favorite with kids and adults alike, making it the perfect choice for a parent-child read-aloud. Although the books can look daunting at first glance, try not to let the high word count deter you. The entire series has won critical acclaim and garnered much commercial success by combining the fantasy world of witchcraft with a myriad of vulnerable coming of age themes.

WONDER BY R.J. PALACIO: Although not as high as the Harry Potter word count, Wonder still provides a challenging read for tween kids. This award-winning children’s novel follows the story of the precocious Auggie Pullman, a fifth-grade boy living with a disfigured face. Up until this school year, Auggie had been homeschooled due to his medical condition and the hardships it causes him. The heartwarming book centers around Auggie’s launch into a mainstream school and how he deals with the emotional and social stresses that come along with this transition.

READY PLAYER ONE BY ERNEST CLINE: This book has been hailed as a nerdy favorite, so if you want to share some of your nerdy childhood with your kids, then you should definitely take a look at “Ready Player One”. Set in 2044, this young adult novel will unite both kids and their parents as they explore a fantastical world together. “Ready Player One” appeals to science fiction fans as well as gamers and those just looking for a fast-paced adventure. This is an ideal book for the teenage age group.

CHARLOTTE’S WEB BY E.B. WHITE: This classic children’s novel has stood the test of time, as evidenced by its legions of fans from all generations. The beloved book uses a simple story in a farm setting to explore themes of death, innocence, and coming of age.

And additionally, though this might take some work, you can take it up a notch and write your own stories for your children. This is a great creative exercise and a great opportunity to see what you find valuable for children to learn. Just make sure to keep the word count reasonable for their age, which varies quite a bit. If your kid is around 8-10 years old, you can count that a story from 20,000 to 25,000 words. Be sure to use a word counter as you finish chapter after chapter, and have some friends ready for feedback.

An alternative to this, if both you and your child are particularly patient and creative, is to both work together to write a story (illustration books can be really fun with this ideas). This can be highly imaginative exercise for both you and your child.

All five of these books will spark your child’s imagination and provide the opportunity for you to bond with your child in both an educational and nurturing manner.







One Last Ride

On February 27, 2016 my Father had passed away. On Friday the 19th he had a massive heart attack, that following Monday he would coronary artery bypass surgery. At first the Doctor told me that they would have to quadruple bypass, then after looking at things it went down to two… Monday the day of the surgery the Doctor informed that my Dad need to have a quintuple bypass.. Five… Five of his…

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One Last Ride

On February 27, 2016 my Father had passed away. On Friday the 19th he had a massive heart attack, that following Monday he would have coronary artery bypass surgery. At first the Doctor told me that they would have to quadruple bypass, then after looking at things it went down to two… Monday the day of the surgery the Doctor informed that my Dad need to have a quintuple bypass.. Five… Five of his arteries need to be replaced, bypass of more than four coronary arteries is uncommon. Rather worried that this point, The Doctor told me that the surgery went fine and is still out of it. Now please keep in mind I’m in Oregon at this point and my Father is in California. So I’m talking to the Doctor over the phone and getting updates that way.

Come Tuesday I was able to talk with him and get more information. Everything seemed to be going fine and my Dad was in a great mood (All tho I think it was mostly do to the drugs haha). I was able to tell him about meeting Shatner and replacing the lost autograph that my Dad gave me a few years back. Told him about the conversation I had with Shatner (I wrote about this in another post https://nerdylifeofmine.com/2016/02/22/a-small-conversation-with-william-shatner-bob-camp-at-wizard-world/). He was so beyond happy to hear about that. Over the next couple of days I would call in and see how is was doing. He told me that some of old childhood friends came in to see how he was doing. I was happy and shocked to hear about that. On Friday the 26th… I called in to see how my Dad was doing, he was in a  good mood and full of jokes. He had just finished doing his walk around the hospital floor and taking a breather. They wanted him to to try and use the bathroom, that’s where he joked about making camp in there because getting up and down was hard haha.

I had Lilly and Jackson (My Hobbits) with me at this time and they wanted to talk with him and see how he was doing. Because they were so worried about him before. I think they talked with him for almost 30-40 minutes haha, Lilly and my Dad were making to plans to see each other and Disneyland. Jackson and him were talking video games, movies and Jackson’s time at Comic Con.

… One second….. Having trouble writing right now…. *Let me say ahead of time I’m sorry for any misspellings or what have you. I’m trying to power through this and clear my head.*

After the kids said goodbye, I continued to talk with him. There we talked about him retiring and what kind of meds/diet he is going to be on. My Father was so happy, because the Doctor at this point told him that he was making great progress and gets to go home that Sunday! We made some plans for the summer and for us to come down and see him and he wanted to come up for Christmas again. He was in such a great mood, full of jokes. This would be the last time I would ever talk to my Dad………….. “Me: Love you, schmuck, Dad: Love you too, moron…”

February 27……..

Got up and ready for work as normal.. Started work at 8am and was there till about 9:30-10am and that’s when I saw Carly come into the back door of the shop. Rather odd I thought.. I had my hands full at this point and had to put everything down as she told me to come here.. She had a worried look on her face……

It was that point Carly told me that my Dad had passed away……….

Standing there in shock. Mind went blank. Just looking at her and not knowing what to say or do. Thinking that this might be a really bad joke. But I knew that wasn’t true. Carly’s face said it all. I didn’t know what to do. I knew I had to leave work and let my co-works know. I gave my Carly my phone so she can call our friend Shaun and let him know I wasn’t going to be there today and why. I walked back inside still holding together at this point, I told Zack (my co-worker) I was leaving. With a look on his face he asked why? I told him my Father just passed away. “Leave.. Get out..” I then tried to tell him what I hadn’t finished at work. “I don’t care, go home. I’m so sorry.”

Grabbing my stuff and trying to walk to the car. At this point things were a blur. I really don’t remember much, I know I just broke down. I remember feeling of being lost and not knowing what to do. The man I always went to talk to about things, get advice. Was no longer there.

My Father, my best friend, my hero was no longer there….

I know as the day went on, I knew people were talking with me and messaging me. But I really don’t remember any of it. Everyone was telling me how sorry they are to hear the passing of my Dad or share stories.. But what can I say to them. “Thank you” seems like a cheap reply.. But sadly that’s all I could get out. I really to don’t remember talking to many of my friends/family about this.

I know after the next few days Carly and I were able to make our way down to California to help with everything and give my Dad the send off he needed. I grateful for our friends Kevin and Shaun that help Carly and I make the trip down there. With out them, I don’t think any of that would have been possible. So we made our trip down to Ventura CA. I wanted to drive down. I knew I had to drive down. I didn’t want to fly. I wanted to do one last ride down to California. Why you ask? As a kid every summer my Dad would drive up to Oregon and pick me up after the school year was done. We did this for years and years. Every time was different from the last, never knowing who you’d meet on the road or what problems would happen. There are so many great stories that happen to us while drive back and forth. I really just need to drive down and remember everything. Remember him. I wanted to share these stories & places that I talked so much with Carly.

Writing this is beyond hard for me now.. I started this on the 15th of March and it’s now the 20th. I’m just trying to push through this and open up with everything inside.

Once we were in Ventura CA. all of my childhood friends were there. Friends I haven’t seen in years and thought we would never talk again. We were together again and picked up right where we left off. It’s weird tho. In a odd way I like to think it was my Father made all this possible. He knew that there were problems in the past with us. He knew I wanted to fix things and get back together with them all. He did it. Some how he did. I just wish my Dad was here to see it, because he helped raise all of us as kids.

When it was time to do the service. We walked in and to my far right I could see him there…. I had to leave… Only for a moment.. It took me awhile to build up strength to finally look at him… It was my Dad, but it wasn’t. It was this shell of what he use to be. His light was now gone from this world and I’m having trouble trying to my way. I will miss him so much and everything he stood for. Right now I’m still having trouble making my way through life with out him being there. If I have a question about something or just need a little nugget of knowledge I would start to dial his number. Then realize that he isn’t here anymore.

At the end of the trip I find myself with boxes and boxes of family history that he had saved and put together. Not just current family, but family going back four or five generations! So I’ve made it a mission to put all this together and finish want he had started. There is some many thing I didn’t even know about my family.

I’m going to end this post here.. I’m sure I’ll write about this again at some point. But I just don’t have the energy in me at the moment. Thank you all for reading and understanding on why I had to back away from so many things lately.

~Jason Bucky Roberts