Middle Earth Challenge: HORN OF GONDOR (2020) A Tolkien Fan Film

Premiered Sep 18, 2020

After the invasion of the fierce hordes of Balchoth, Gondor is on a bring of destruction. The Ruling steward Cirion places his hope to the North, to the half-forgotten nation of the Horselords. Will the knight Borondir succeed and convey Cirion’s message?

Horn of Gondor fan film was made in the Czech Republic and depicts a lesser-known chapter from the Tolkien’s world, set 500 years before the story of The Lord of the Rings.

A Kung Fu Doctor Who?

Yes you read that right… There is a video making it’s way around the interwebs called “Japanese Doctor Who”. With a description,”Found a clip on old video tape 1970′s? 80′s?…like a Japanese version Doctor Who. Anyone?” By lepoissonriuge

It’s rather enjoyably oddly enough hahaha! It’s like you take Power Rangers and mix Doctor Who with each other and this is what you get.  The whole film was done with a 1970’s grind house style shooting. Campy and EPIC in it’s own right. Well done sir!