D&D Figures

Just finished making some more characters for the D&D campaign. I must say I actually really like putting this figures together.

Finished Painting

I finished the two main figures for my D&D campaign. One being the dragon I shared earlier last week. The other was the Owlbear :).

I have to say. I really enjoyed making these and kinda want to do more.

I Had To Get It



A little birthday gift to myself 🙂 For the Horde!
Not a bad little set really. Everything was straight forward, some of the parts are loose. But that’s Mega Bloks for you tho, its no Lego haha. All tho the World of Warcraft series from Mega is far better than Halo’s series. Which is kinda sad, I had high hopes for Halo. But the sets & figures are just a mess.

By Jason Bucky Roberts

Little Treasures

So I was going through some old stuff & things and found this little gem.



Sweet! I had forgotten that I pick this up a few years back. Mister Frederick Charles “Freddy” Krueger. This is number 1 of 30,000 made, the plastic wrap was all messed up. So I had to take it out and place it into a new one. But when I took Freddy out I felt a button on him chest! No way he talks?!?! Flipped him over and find the voice box with a on and off switch. Is funny.. When got this figure, I thought it was just a basic doll of Freddy. No where on the package says that he talks. He says 3 things. 1) that classic Freddy laugh 2) “Come to Freddy.” 3) “Ever play skin the cat?” Hearing Robert Englund voice made me feel like a little kid again lol. Growing up had odd hero’s haha, in am 80’s child need I say more?