Cleaning House

So as it states above. I’ll be closing the Twitter handle for Nerdy Life Of Mine and moving everything over to my personal one. Reasons for doing this was to make things easier for myself and less accounts to deal with. Plus I don’t check Nerdy Life Of Mine’s messages enough to make it fully active. Finding messages from people 4 to 8 months ago sucks. SO! Everything is being moved to @iRoberts3. Please make sure to follow me if you haven’t already!



under_constructionOver the next couple of weeks Nerdy Life Of Mine will be going through a lot of changes. I’m working on a whole new layout and image, so if things are buggy or if you find links are broken. I’m sorry and I thank you for understanding. Plus with all the changes going on, we have picked up a new blogger and we are also working on putting together a podcast!! Again thank you for your understanding and if you would like more updates, follow my Twitter @iRoberts3

Looking Back On Nerdy Life Of Mine

Looking Back On Nerdy Life Of Mine

Twitter back

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So I was thinking about doing a year end review of some kind. Then it turned into something else haha! Looking at the numbers and readers I have, I was shocked! I knew there was at least a couple hundred followers and that’s not in counting the returning “visitors”/readers. Not to mention the growth of the website as a whole. For example:

When I started Nerdy Life Of Mine(use to be called Think…

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