Adventures with Bacon!

About a week ago. I posted about making bacon for the first time. Well today we cleaned it up and had it on a super low heat. 4 hours later, it’s cooling off in the fridge and soon, SOON! It’ll be time to cut into them. The house smells great and I can’t wait!

On the left you have a jerk rub. On the right you have a brown sugar with maple syrup and cracked pepper.

Made a grilled chicken with mix vegetables and asparagus. Lightly cooked with a General Tso sauce and coconut milk white rice. #foodie #food #foodporn #asian #chef (at 1847 Bar & Grill)

A Shrimp 🍤 Louie. Just one of the many #salads I make at work. #food #Foodies #salad #foodporn #cook #chef #shrimp