The Pop Culture Pub Podcast: Mister Bad Guy

On this episode of ‘The Pop Culture Pub Podcast’ hosts Chris Lockhart and Jason Roberts are joined on the show by MD Jackson (from ‘This Week from the Cave of Cool’ podcast). They are discussing “Bad Guys” on this episode. They list off their Top 5 Bad Guys from pop culture and discuss the qualities that make a “good” bad guy.

Little Treasures

So I was going through some old stuff & things and found this little gem.



Sweet! I had forgotten that I pick this up a few years back. Mister Frederick Charles “Freddy” Krueger. This is number 1 of 30,000 made, the plastic wrap was all messed up. So I had to take it out and place it into a new one. But when I took Freddy out I felt a button on him chest! No way he talks?!?! Flipped him over and find the voice box with a on and off switch. Is funny.. When got this figure, I thought it was just a basic doll of Freddy. No where on the package says that he talks. He says 3 things. 1) that classic Freddy laugh 2) “Come to Freddy.” 3) “Ever play skin the cat?” Hearing Robert Englund voice made me feel like a little kid again lol. Growing up had odd hero’s haha, in am 80’s child need I say more?