Pop Culture Pub & Podcast: Soapbox Derby


Here is the link to the show!!


‘Soapbox Derby’ is the name of the episode. Host Chris Lockhart and Co-Host’s Jason Roberts & Kevin Decent each bring 2 items that are annoying or anger them that they wish to discuss. So they’ll get on their “soapbox” and say their peace, while the others on the episode listen and respond. For example one of their soapbox discussions will be about ‘Annoying TV Commercials’. And they do their ‘Brain Candy’ segment where they discuss what they have been watching or reading lately. Then they end with the ‘Enders’ segment discussing current pop culture.

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So the other day and dear friend of mine gave me a rather EARLY birthday gift. How early you ask? Well my birthday isn’t till October 21 haha. But these are beyond awesome and I now have or close to having the complete Firefly comic series. I haven’t been able to read them yet, but I think I will tonight.

Also if you were wondering what that currency was above the comics. That would also be a gift from my brother-in-law. A gift of money from Firefly😆. I’m thinking about framing it, as soon as I find one haha.


I guess this wasn’t a Birthday gift hahaha. It was a bonus for coming into work and helping out. Hmmmm….. Still awesome! But now I was told that there is another gift for my birthday hidden somewhere….