The History of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

The History of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons


We’ve been meaning to follow up on our video detailing the history of Original D&D. So today, we finally continue our discussion with the history of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, aka 1st Edition. We discuss not only some of the major changes from the previous edition but also some of the messy history that was going on behind the scenes. It involves not only corporate politics and backstabbing but also paranoia about Satanism and witchcraft.

Music: AD&D: Eye of the Beholder (SNES)

Main Source: The Game Wizards – The Epic Battle for Dungeons & Dragons by Jon Peterson


0:00 Intro

3:37 Core Rules

15:22 Controversy

31:00 Conclusions

Middle Earth Challenge: Gothmog

Middle Earth Challenge

Gothmog. Lord of the Balrogs, High Captain of Angband in the First Age of Middle Earth. At this Age his only equal would be Sauron under the Rule of Morgoth. Gothmog gave his allegiance Morgoth before the revolt of the Ñoldor, then later killing two of the High Kings of the Ñoldor.

After the Death of Fëanor, Gothmog would later reappear as a general of Angband in several more battles. Dagor Aglareb and Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Gothmog fought the High King of the Ñoldor, Fingon. Gothmog managed separate Fingon from the main host but was unable to kill him, till another Balrog appeared behind the Ñoldor “cast a throng of steel about him”. Gothmog was then able to slay Fingon and later captured Húrin, father of Túrin Turambar.


Later in the First Age, Gothmog and the forces of Angband took the Hidden City of Gondilin. Gothmog and his forces held the northern gates, till later they went into battle with Ecthelion of the Foutain. From there Gothmog and Ecthelion dueled. It was there that Gothmog knocked the sword from Ecthelion’s hand and to the ground, while the Gothmog was about to swing his axe. Ecthelion was able to get up off the ground and ram him with his pointed helmet, both of them fell into the Fountain of the King. It was there that Gothmog met his end, the waters from the fountain quenched the flames that kept Gothmog alive. Sadly, Ecthelion also fell in this battle, drowning within’ the fountain as well and ending the Battle of Gondolin.

I know I’ve shared this video before about the Balrogs in a an older post. But I figure I’d share it again for this post.

Gothmog from the movies

Middle Earth Challenge: Greg and Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years

Middle Earth Challenge

the_tolkien_yearsThe untold story behind the creation of the million-selling Lord of the Rings calendars, written by an author with first-hand knowledge of the creative genius behind them.


Candance Raney (Senior Editor)

This is basically a “coffee table” book. It covers all the art work done for the LOTR calendars, I believe in the 1970’s.. It is a great collection and oddy hard to find at times. I was lucky enough to find it at a local used book store. It still had the pull out poster in it .

It’s a must for an Tolkien fan out there. Not only it give you an account of all the  art work. It does give you the history of each character and what the brothers had to work with to come up with said characters. If you find it any where, grab it!

Today Assignment: “Love Your Theme”

Today Assignment: “Love Your Theme”

Here we are asked to look at our theme and make some changes. Or if we haven’t started anything yet with the blog, go through and pick one out that we are happy with and take it from there.

Now I’ve changed themes over the years and currently I rather enjoy the theme and lay out. I’m am in the middle of working on getting new logos made for my site. Like a new banner/header or a side button or a…

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