Images of Japan

I don’t know what it is about Japan or China for the matter. But I love the cityscape/landscape and the way everything lights up at night. I’ve always loved the culture and customs and find myself modeling my living habitats after them. Even found that my art is slowly taking on a Asian influence, along with my taste in music. I’ve been looking over sea to find new bands/groups (at least to me.). But anywho I thought I share some pictures that I found online that I use for backgrounds from time to time 🙂

tumblr_mtkd56wFDG1r42n8io1_500 p014ssm1 LS3 japanese_city_traffic-wide Shinjuku at Night, Tokyo canal-in-a-street-in-osaka-japan-294258 4622Japanese_lanterns

Pet Yuki-Onna


In Japan families can summon their house ghost to kill pests for them. Why waste money calling the exterminator when you can just call on your pet Yukionna?