Seized Up To 40 Kid’s Lunches & Put Them Right Into The Trash

So I got this email from Michael Langenmayr from Fight The Future stating the following:
Kossack, a “child-nutrition manager” at Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City seized up to 40 kids’ lunches and threw them in the trash because of outstanding balances on their accounts.

The school district says the “child-nutrition manager” was investigating the school because of the large number of students who had zero or negative balances on their school lunch accounts. Because lunches are not paid for until after students are served, lunches were confiscated from the students unable to pay and thrown in the garbage—in front of them and their peers.

You read that right: A so-called “child-nutrition manager” took kids’ lunches away from them—after they had already been served—and threw them in the garbage because they couldn’t pay.

The school district has said that the situation should have been handled differently, but has not commented on how the staff person who seized and disposed of the lunches is being reprimanded, if at all.

This situation is reprehensible at every level. A school district official taking children’s lunches and publicly humiliating them is nothing short of professional bullying and it proves that this person is unfit to work with children.
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As a kid growing up I’ve never had this happen.  I was never denied a lunch for the day because of a balance unpaid.  I was told and sent home with a note. Plus they called my parents as well.  But they never did anything humiliating in nature.