Books, Books and More Books

So we started moving everything around this week. Kids are getting their room to the way they want them. We got new blinds up, and they ac installed, built a new bookshelf. Built a desk, cat tree and the living room is a mess hahaha. Hopefully everything will be done by the weekend. I’m starting to rethink in the amount of books I have.. Maybe a donation time?

This is part one of the books. I have maybe 4 more parts of books.

It’s Family

Spent most of my day doing family history. Just finished going through at least 3 generations of photography. End game is to get them into organized photo albums.

Random Nerdness Podcast Ep #3: Getting to know the podcasters, Pt I


Random Nerdness Podcast.

Host Jason Roberts leads the discussion in part one of our ‘Getting to know the podcasters’ episodes. Jason is joined by Carly Vore, MissM, Erik Johnson, Brian Farrell and Chris Lockhart. Jason asks these podcasters questions that will help you the listener to get to know us better. All of us can be heard on the various podcasts that make up RN/GF Podcast Productions: Geek Fallout, Geek Fallout The Comic Book Episodes, Random Nerdness and Trek1701 A ‘Star Trek’ podcast.


Going back to basic here. 
So today for the first time in YEARS, I packed up my “man satchel” and went for a walk to the library. Geez… I think it’s been about 8 year almost.
I use to do this all the time. All through high school and well into college years, even living in San Luis Obispo.  I walked everywhere.  Just grab my hoody, music and book or something of that nature. Just become lost for a moment or two while listening to music and walking with no destination in mind.  Not a care in the world.
To have peace of mind for an hour.
It was also nice to just people watch for awhile haha.  It made for some good entertainment.
As of late my life as been all topsy turvy. It was nice to escape, even tho it was just for a little while.