I’m not buying it – Inspirational & Relationship Memes (My analyzed opinions) on YouTube

I’m going to have to agree with RadiumZ1 (great YouTube channel by the way. He is based out of Portland, Or.) on this. I myself have logged on to Facebook and see Memes of all kinds, it also seems that a lot of people are posting them just to post them. It’s a verbal diarrhea in a post/status form and drives me nuts. Now I’ve posted some Memes in the past, at least I add to the post with a little haiku of my own. Tumblr is full of them, well…. Tumblr is about 90% Memes haha. I’ve also noticed that Twitter is becoming that way. Like you can’t come up with a quote of your own or a nugget of wisdom in 140-character or less!? Always, I just thought I’d share this video with you.





By Jason Bucky Roberts