Cyberpunk Challenge 2021 Uploading

So I think I have found my newest little challenge, now that I am done with Middle Earth. With Cyberpunk I wanted to go over the world as a whole. Novels, games, movies and music. Cyberpunk history and /or over all genre has always been a favorite of mine, ever since I was a kid. Plus not to mention I’ve been completely enthralled with Cyberpunk 2077 as of late haha. So my goal is at least once or twice a week, I’ll be sharing my newest finds or share some history about Cyberpunk. Haven’t thought of how I wanted to end this… I’ll get to that point soon.. Maybe with it off with the William Gibson Sprawl series.. We’ll see..

Save The Pix Theater

Please join me in supporting Alex Stone’s campaign: Support The Pix in Albany!

Here’s the link:

You can easily make a donation by going to the link above. Thank you 🙂
I have always loved this theater. Specially over the last couple of years, being able to watch the classics like Young Frankenstein or having date nights with 007(Goldfinger) . I still think one of the best experiences I have had with The Pix, was when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker came out. Opening night we went to go see the movie, we got our drinks, candy, popcorn. Found our sets and before every movie the owner Rod Bigner comes out and gives a little story/history/trivia. As it so happened that night, we had a guest who saw the first Star Wars: A New Hope(first one released) in that theater. He had seen every Star Wars movie in that theater, that’s incredible. That is also saying something about this theater. There is a friendly, warmth about this place that is hard to put into words. You are always made to feel welcome, comfortable and being able to interact with everyone there and the movies is awesome.

Plus also they are massive fellow nerd over there!!

One of cases and shelves with nerdy paraphernalia inside the theater.

We are Alex Stone, Tina Springer and Lisa Schwartz, three Albany residents who simply LOVE THE PIX and can’t imagine our post-COVID-19 lives without it.
We are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on cinemas nationwide and we don’t want to see The Pix become a casualty of the pandemic. The Pix is seating at 50% capacity plus social-distancing between groups, and many shows have low attendance. To make things more difficult, Hollywood is releasing very few new movies.

The campaign’s goal is to raise $18,000. This sum will offset the rent for the Pix for 11 months (November 2020 – September 2021) and pay the fees associated with this campaign. All funds will go directly to The Pix to help keep this wonderful community cinema alive.

New owners take over Albany's Pix Theater | Local |
We are asking others who LOVE THE PIX to join us in contributing to this campaign.
Why do we LOVE THE PIX?
…So many reasons!
WONDERFUL owners and staff!
Great popcorn with real butter (REAL BUTTER)!!!
STUNNING atmosphere – who doesn’t simply love to hang out in the foyer?
COOL STUFF AND GAMES in the foyer.
El Jefes, quesadillas, jumbo hotdogs, frozen bananas, pie, truffles…
Beer, wine, cider, soda, kombucha.
ACADEMY AWARDS NIGHT with red carpet and costumes!
WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THE PIX? Let us know when you donate!!

Posts of Blood: Story Time & Tremors

Story time/Posts of Blood/reblog: I believe I have shared this story a few times in a number podcasts I’ve done over the years. But I don’t think I’ve wrote about it yet.

The movie Tremors as odd as it sounds has become vary near and dear to my heart. When I was younger, my Father worked with a college who his building as a sister campus. One of the rooms had a huge TV almost a mini theater if you would. About one a month or every other month, we would have a movie night there and order a lot of pizza, etc.

One day we rented Tremors because we hadn’t seen it yet. We fell in love with it haha. Later on the second one came out and another movie called Deep Rising. At that point started calling Worm Fest. As more Tremors movie kept coming out the more we added to the list.

So many great memories and times we shared. To this day I continued the tradition with my kids and friends. This something started by my Father and I and I hope my kids will keep this going. Now that we have new Tremors movie out now, it’s time to start the new year Worm Fest again!

But now that I’ve shared that with you. Please check this other post that triggered this is the memory. HMM Day 22 – Tremors

The balance of gore and feel good attitude is a perfect concoction for people that aren’t necessarily hard core horror fanatics like you and me. But that isn’t to say the movie is a baby class kind of horror flick.

HMM Day 22 – Tremors

HMM Day 11 – The Lost Boys

I’m going to have piggyback of this post again. But it’s STORY TIME!

I believe I was about 7 or 8 years old when I first saw this movie. I remember this one for a number of reasons . One being it was my first real introduction to modern horror movie(for that time in the 80s). The other one was a bit of an odd one. I remember we had to leave our house for some reason, I remember that there was something wrong with the house and we could stay there for a couple of night. I’m sure I could just call my Mom and ask, but that would be to easy hahaha. Anywho! So we can’t stay at our house and a family friend let us stay at his other houses. He had a few of them around town. I was called out of school for those few days and the first night we were there. There wasn’t much in the house. There was this off white carpet with this fuzzy light blue rug, hospital white walls. In the middle of the living room there was a futon in the middle and a nightstand next to it. There was a basic TV and VCR in front of the futon. There was two bedrooms and small kitchen. Once we made ourselves at home, my Mom and Dad went out and get pizza and rent a few movies. One of tho movies was the Lost Boys! I remember there was a long conversation between my parents if I should watch this movie.

Fast forward a bit, I was able to watch the movie and have some pizza . I sat on the floor as my parents would sit on the futon. As the movie started I kept feeling these weird things crawl on me. Looking at my arms and legs I couldn’t see anything at first. Trying my best to watch the movie and ignore the odd itchy feeling I managed to make it the part where Michael is being introduced to the life style that is a Vampire. I couldn’t take it anymore and stood up and looked at my legs. I had these little black things jumping on and off me and my legs and arms were cover in little bit marks. My parent soon did the same thing and my Mom freaked out and said that there were fleas everywhere! Looking to my right at the TV I see Kiefer Sutherland biting into a guy’s head. Being as little as I was, I was scared and also freaking out about the mount of fleas in this house. Sadly I didn’t get to finish the movie and my parents dropped me off at my Grandparents. Took my shower and went to bed…. I did not sleep at all that night or for the next few nights. The image of that movie and not being ableto finish it haunted me.

Once we got back to the house I over heard my parents talking about the friend’s house. Saying that he would use it as a storing place for his dogs. That he didn’t think that there was going to be a problem like that hahaha. Sadly it wasn’t till about early 90s I was finally about to finish The Lost Boys and I loved it. By that time I was already way into horror/action/fantasy movies. Like I said, it was an odd story and I can’t help to think about it every time I see this movie.

As Mike starts changing into a vamp, the only person he can rely is his younger brother. It’s through their bond and love that the movie has a good deal of heart. Mix in some truly awesome death scenes and the movie is what I like to call a well made cake.

HMM Day 11 – The Lost Boys

Posts of Blood: The Babysitter: Killer Queen

It is a sequel to the 2017 film The Babysitter(here is the link from when I watch the first movie back in Oct. of 2017). The film continues the story of Cole Johnson, now in his junior year of high school, who must again fight to ensure his survival over one night, as he is hunted by demonic enemies, both old and new.

Now before I continue with this post. There will be spoilers ahead and if you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want spoilers. I would stop now.

Babysitter: Killer Queen is set about two years after the events of the first movie. Still following the main character Cole, now in high school. No one believes him of the events that took place in the first movie and his parents start to think he is crazy. They would later enroll him (or tries to at least) into a psychiatric school.

As any teenager would, they would escape and find themselves at a party by the lake. It would later be reveled that his new found friends were cult members and trying to kill Cole. At this point the original cultists Sonya, Allison, Max, and John also appear, having been resurrected so they could partake in the ritual by sunrise. However, Phoebe suddenly appears, looking for gas for her jet ski, and provides Cole with some time to evade the cult members and escape with Phoebe.

Cole explains to Phoebe, while the cultists give chase. Sonya makes the first attempt to kill them, but they end up running her over with a car left by a stranger and decapitate her with a surfboard…… A surfboard…… Allison finds them, but the two would later trap her between a narrow wedge of rocks and rip off her head. The two board a boat and drive off, but Max catches the raft attached to the back of the boat and is able to pull himself onto the boat. Phoebe at this point sets Max on fire with a can of silly string and a lighter, then shreds him with the boat’s propeller. Diego and Jimmy supernaturally disintegrate when they attempt to back off.

They arrive at Phoebe’s old family cabin, where they take refuge and hope to wait out the night. In the cabin bunker, Phoebe tells Cole that her parents died because she crashed into them in a fatal car accident. Cole comforts her, and the two have sex(as you do). Melanie calls Cole’s father Archie, who has been searching for him alongside Melanie’s father Juan, and fakes being drunk so that he can pick them up, hoping to lure Cole out. Cole and Phoebe come out of the bunker armed with crossbows and John accidentally kills himself when a chandelier crashes on him. Archie gives Cole a sleeping drug so he can take him to his car as Melanie kills Juan with a machete and captures Phoebe.

Stopping for gas, Cole regains consciousness, locks Archie out of the car, and drives back to the lake to save Phoebe. In a cove, Melanie holds Phoebe hostage before Cole shows up and volunteers to be sacrificed. Bee emerges from the water and is revealed to be Phoebe’s babysitter who was responsible for the car accident that killed her parents. Bee made a deal with the devil to save Phoebe’s life in exchange for her soul. Sonya, Allison, Max, and John are resurrected again, and the four alongside Melanie drink the blood of Cole that happens to be mixed with Boom-Boom’s blood. Since Cole has had sex with Phoebe, the ritual backfires and the five melt and disintegrate. Bee, did not drink the blood, reveals that she orchestrated everything so that Phoebe and Cole could unite and defeat the cult, having a change of heart after Cole’s love confession after her first defeat. Bee is still technically a demon, she drinks the blood, she says farewell to Cole and Phoebe and disintegrates to save the two. Archie shows up and, having witnessed Bee’s death, now believes what Cole said was true. As the sun comes up, Cole and Phoebe embrace in a kiss.

Now there is a Easter egg in the mid-credits scene, Bee’s devil book is shown on the sand, still intact. Guess they are leaving things open to make another one? Maybe? Do we need another one? I rather enjoyed the movie and much like the first one. It was a joy to watch and pure brainless fun. What I like to call a “popcorn movie” and if you have the time or looking for a good horror movie. I’d definitely check this movie out!

Posts of Blood: Halloween

Halloween – The Official John Carpenter

A classic…. A tradition…. Halloween always gets played a number of times over the month of October. John Carpenter is one of my favorite directors and writers, what he was able to do with this movie is amazing. The fear, supernatural and psychological horror with out use to much gore is fantastic. Halloween was far less bloody and graphic than some of its endless sequels and reboots. The story follows Michael Myers, who kills his parents as a child and is institutionalized. He escapes as an adult, and continues his killing spree.

The original script, titled “The Babysitter Murders”, had the events take place over the space of several days. It was a budgetary decision to change the script to have everything happen on the same day (doing this reduced the number of costume changes and locations required) and it was decided that Halloween, the scariest night of the year, was the perfect night for this to happen.

In the documentary short, ‘Halloween’ Unmasked 2000 (1999), revealed that the crew had chosen two masks for Michael Myers to decide on. The first was a Don Post Emmett Kelly smiling clown mask that they put frizzy red hair on. This was an homage to how he killed his sister, Judith, in a clown costume. They tested it out and it appeared very demented and creepy. The other was a 1975 Captain James T. Kirk mask that was purchased for around a dollar. It had the eyebrows and sideburns ripped off, the face was painted fish belly white, and the hair was spray painted brown, and the eyes were opened up more. They tested out the Kirk mask and the crew decided that it was much more creepy because it was emotionless. This became the Michael Myers mask.

Halloween (2007 film) - Wikipedia

Now the Halloween remake made by Rob Zombie I rather enjoyed. I like both of them in fact. Of course I am a big Rob Zombie fan as well and House of 1000 Corpses is amazing. I thought Rob brought a lot to the table and turned up the brutal violence and gore with Mike Myers. I remember sitting in the theater and when Myers stabbed one of his victims, you can hear the bone crunch/breaking with each hit. Showing the power and hatred/insanity of Myers. I know there is a torn fan base between the Carpenter’s Halloween and Zombie’s Halloween. That is fine.

The Pop Culture Pub Podcast : Annoying Things in Pop Culture

This is definitely the first episode of a franchise topic, because there is so many things that annoy us: ANNOYING THINGS IN POP CULTURE.

Hosts Chris Lockhart and Jason Roberts are joined on the show by Richard Rehder. Some of the points discussed include: Re-casting unnecessarily, bullying/toxic fandom, secrets in plot lines, lazy people, empty cities in animation, lens flares….

New Podcast!! Avengers Infinity War/Endgame Discussion & Predictions

On February 15, 2019 we released our new podcast called The Pop Culture Pub. With Chris Lockhart and myself, we discuss the ‘Avengers Infinity War’ film from 2018 and give  our predictions for the upcoming ‘Avengers Endgame’ film being released in 2019! Plus with a rather off the collar discussing about DC movies/TV shows.
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