Talk Nerdy To Me (Jason Derulo Parody)

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Get nerdy wit me…
Tell me what game that you get on, is it COD or EVE?
What kind of class do you play girl, in an RPG?
Cuz I know what them elf girls need, from WOW to M.E. (Middle Earth)
Im goin 30 hours online straight now…
You make it hard to leave

Been to Middle Earth, do you speak my language?
Your elf ears don’t need explainin
All I really need for you to do is…just … please
Talk nerdy to me

Get nerdy wit me
You name all twelve of the Docs, I can’t resist that
And what’s the core in your wand? I think that ours match
Cuz I know, with me, you’d get sort, Durmstrang to Hogwarts
Im pretty sure, on me, you’ve cast a curse girl, the imperius one?

Been to comic-con, hope you speak my language
Your Harley Quinn don’t need explainin
All I really need for you to do is…just … please
Talk nerdy to me

Uno, met a girl at E3
Dos, she wanted all my XP
Tres, My 64 makes her want me
Cuatro, Oooohhhhhh (vocal run)

(back ground shout: “One Ring!”)

Rap Verse:
Up, up, down, down, forward, back, A, B
You don’t need a cheat code, girl to get with me
Just add my clan tag, bring your high K/D,
Cuz the headshots we’ll be makin will be toppin the team
Or Magic the gatherin, Deck on Deck,
You like Twilight? Ya, I aint touchin your neck
I got nerd friends, but they’re friends with respect
I can call up Iron Man without breakin a sweat!

And I wanna hear your issues, ya, Im talking about your comics,
Cuz the fact of the matter, aint no girl badder than a girl that talks on electronics,
And for us to get along just tell me Lucas got it wrong,
Cuz clearly in Star Wars the first shot was made by Han. (Snap!)

Love the Enterprise, now I speak the language
Your warp drive don’t need explainin
All I really need for you to do is…just … please
Talk nerdy to me

Vocals: Keith Evans
Rap: Keith Allen
Lyrics by: Keith Allen

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped! Couldn’t have done this without you. We recorded this in my room, then took several days, spread out over a month, to shoot all the footage. Thanks to the dancers for choreographing that chorus bit on their own!

A lot of these costumes were custom done by their owners, thanks to them for being in the video! Also, a big thanks to Hale Center Theater Orem for providing me a couple of their costumes to rent.

Also, a shout-out to ScreenSpiffer for supporting us on this. You can check them out at

For questions, or just to chat, hit me up at:

Thanks for watching!

This Week’s Assignment From The League: “Look what I made!”

A little late on the draw there for this post. 😦

Couldn’t decide on what I wanted to post or if I wanted to take part in this week’s assignment. But I  figure why not! Lot of people don’t know or realize that I’m actually a graphic artist/cartoonist. Although I haven’t done anything in over 54 or 5 years now. But I figured I’d post some of my pictures that I’ve done with computer graphics and or cartoons that I’ve done in the past. Who knows it might get me drawing again! At any rate, I hope you enjoy and don’t be too harsh with the comments haha. 🙂

7128_162258006838_2645078_n 7128_162258016838_4698565_n 7128_162258141838_7728209_n 7128_162258161838_1872150_n 7128_162258181838_7452342_n 7128_162258246838_7496164_n 7128_162258256838_668462_n 24973_251717241838_3144670_n 30198_390698106838_2877607_n 188389_10150271156441839_2757414_n 216987_10150270892441839_5486119_n 264104_10150219805496839_2213028_n 264491_10150245584936839_724178_n 281944_10150258308136839_3778694_n

So like I said before. I hope you enjoy this “Look what I made!” post!