In The Words Of Felicia Day, “Hey Bitches!!”

So after a month of having down. And I mean Down! All links were dead, pictures gone, .com was gone, access to the whole site was blocked… I started to fear the worst! Years of writing, sharing, art work all gone.. But it was all corrected thanks to wonderful people at WordPress! Thank YOU!

As I’m writing this, I’m editing a lot of my post and deleting old and broken pictures/videos. I’ve just about hit my max on storage space, would anyone know of a good storage service? It is also New Years EVE. And I’ve been spending it with my Hobbits, we’ve been having a Teen Titans marathon most of the morning. How to take a break and clean up things and fold cloths. Plus keep up my blog. Yes all at once, it’s not working out to well hahaha.

…..Be Right Back…….

OO Did I share the Christmas loot I got this year?

I got a lot more. I hot The Back to the Future 3 part comic books called Hard Time. Haven’t read them yet. But that’s coming up.. I also go a new hoody of Rick and Morty, Star Wars socks. Plus a number of awesome coffee mugs. All thanks to my beautiful girlfriend, best friends and my Hobbits.

OOO Be right back….


So while editing everything, I was thinking about editing the look for the site. I love how it looks now. But it seems to have a  lot of loading issues and lag, maybe it’s just everything trying to load all at once. I’ll have to see what other options I have with WordPress.

Any thoughts or comments?

Leave them below please.


So at the end of this post, it is now 2018 and we are just finishing up watching Pee-wee.. Yes, we spend our last minutes watching Pee-wee Herman and regret nothing about it what so ever!! So with that I will say goodnight and get the little ones off to bed. Have a goodnight and BE SAVE!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!