It’s Family

Spent most of my day doing family history. Just finished going through at least 3 generations of photography. End game is to get them into organized photo albums.

7 Years of Wizard World

So after everything was said and done with this years Wizard World Comic Con. They sent out a thank you email to all those who had a press pass. In the first paragraph it goes on about the positive feedback from guests and fans. Then it states that it was the 7th year… Wait what? Has it been 7 years? I have I been doing this for 7 years? Good lord…

This got me thinking about pass events and interviews or even stories I haven’t shared yet.. Some of them I changed my mind and didn’t want to share them. As silly as that sounds, I wanted to keep them to myself that the time. But the more I think about it, the more I just want to share them with everyone. So I thinking I’ll do a “Lost Tales of Wizard World” series in between current posts of this years event.

Buffy Reunion WW Portland 2019.jpgBut I have to say this year was amazing! It was a Buffy The Vampire theme Comic Con this year that’s for sure. Along with DC over tones from the movies and TV shows. The Artists this year were excellent, dare I say better than last years? I actually found myself buy more art work than anything this year and taking more pictures. The Cosplay was fantastic as well, which my kids loved it and took part in it as well.

But all that will be for other posts come out shortly. But I have some updates I would like share!! ON Jan. 24-26 of 2020 Wizard World Portland Oregon will be back! As of right now word on any guests or artists, it just to soon after. So Save the date!!

This Week’s Assignment From The League: “Look what I made!”

A little late on the draw there for this post. 😦

Couldn’t decide on what I wanted to post or if I wanted to take part in this week’s assignment. But I  figure why not! Lot of people don’t know or realize that I’m actually a graphic artist/cartoonist. Although I haven’t done anything in over 54 or 5 years now. But I figured I’d post some of my pictures that I’ve done with computer graphics and or cartoons that I’ve done in the past. Who knows it might get me drawing again! At any rate, I hope you enjoy and don’t be too harsh with the comments haha. 🙂

7128_162258006838_2645078_n 7128_162258016838_4698565_n 7128_162258141838_7728209_n 7128_162258161838_1872150_n 7128_162258181838_7452342_n 7128_162258246838_7496164_n 7128_162258256838_668462_n 24973_251717241838_3144670_n 30198_390698106838_2877607_n 188389_10150271156441839_2757414_n 216987_10150270892441839_5486119_n 264104_10150219805496839_2213028_n 264491_10150245584936839_724178_n 281944_10150258308136839_3778694_n

So like I said before. I hope you enjoy this “Look what I made!” post!