Pokémon GO Plus Replacement Wristband

So I got the Plus a few months back to help with Pokemon GO. While the Plus as a whole is great, the wristband was not. The clamp never stayed shut, the loop to hold down the rather of the band did work at all.In fact it wasn’t really a loop at all, just a small plastic hook. Plus the band was just annoying hahaha.

So after looking around trying to find a replacement I came across a wristband for a “smart gear” watch called Misfit Shine by Dingtool. It turned out to be a perfect fit!

Now in order for it fit on the Plus you’ll need to have the clamp backing on. The slide the wristband loop and that’s it!! It’s like it was almost made for the Plus. Just not…. They come in many different colors and sets. You can buy one by it’s self or 2 or 4. It’s really up to you. Here is the link for them on Amazon:

Misfit Shine Replacement Band, Dingtool Replacement Wristband

Figured I’d share the random little bits of knowledge that I have found with you all.