Star Trek Book Challenge 5: Relics (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

For the Star Trek book challenge I read: Relics (Star Trek: The Next Generation) by Michael Jan Friedman.. This book is great and mile above Jeri Taylor’s craptastic book.

999453Another cross over episode/book…. Also A LOT better than the last book…. This book is a must read! Even if you are familiar with the episode, this book gives you more detail as to how Scotty gets stuck in that transporter. The scene where Scotty recreates the original Enterprise on the holodeck (while drunk). It gives that scene and Scotty’s emotions a lot more depth/meaning, and is more entertaining. The book does a good job of adding to the story line that was already in place. It smart and funny as well as a fast read.

It you get a change, read this book and watch the episode again!! It’s a classic on every level.

Plot out line for the book is:

The U.S.S. Enterprise discovers the wreckage of a starship upon the monstrous surface of a Dyson sphere, an artificially-constructed habitat built around a star; and preserved in a weak transporter pattern is Starfleet engineering legend Montgomery “Scotty” Scott. Mr. Scott boards the Enterprise to find himself lost in a world that he barely recognizes, a world that has passed him by. But soon the Enterprise finds itself trapped within the Dyson sphere and pulled into the star, and Scotty must work with Lt. Geordi La Forge to rescue the Enterprise.